Do you have actually one thick ear lobe? Or two?

If friend only have one special ear lobe:

Thick ear lobes (if just one side is thick) have the right to be led to by infection. Is the ear lobe red or warm to the touch or tender? If so, view your health treatment provider.

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Allergies to steels in ear jewelry can additionally cause inflammation that the ear lobes, commonly (but not always) top top both sides.

thick ear lobes have the right to be a red flag:


While cholesterol and also fats space being deposit in the inside lining of the arteries, castle can also be deposited in the ear lobes, making them thicker.

Do you have thick ear lobes?

One the our patient said, “Those ear lobes saved my life.” after hearing his ear lobes might be a red flag because that heart disease, he gained tested. The had more artery disease than 99% of men his age. Now his arteries (and his ear lobes) are gaining better. Click the “Reversing heart Disease” video clip to listen his story. You deserve to see his artery trending report here.

Do you have a diagonal line crease in your ear lobes? (Frank’s sign)

Eventually, thick ear lobes can build a diagonal crease, referred to as “Frank’s crease” or “Frank’s sign (1).” By the time Frank’s sign appears, there is one extremely strong association v heart disease, an ext than just a red flag. One study (2) discovered that 78% of people with Frank’s ear lobe crease have heart disease. An autopsy examine in Sweden additionally found a solid association in between Frank’s sign, coronary disease and suddenly cardiac fatality (3).


Heart attacks and strokes (artery disease) kill one the end of three Americans. The statistic hasn’t readjusted since the early 1900’s. Our “standard of care” isn’t working an extremely well!

Heart attacks are the biggest killer.

Strokes cause the many disability.

If you have actually Frank’s sign, a diagonal crease in her ear lobes, i think your risk from artery diseases is high. Look through our perform of risk factors and also red flags. Or watch the movie, the Widowmaker.

Can Frank’s sign be reversed?

We have actually seen people reverse Frank’s sign; yet that just happens by taking an aggressive approach and reversing every solitary artery disease risk factor. If you have actually Frank’s ear lobe crease, the most essential question you have the right to ask yourself is this:

is there a heart attack or hit in mine future?

How lot risk perform you carry? would you desire to know ahead of time? exactly how would you discover out? Most world find out by having actually an event.

Don’t find out the way.

To determine your risk, we measure her artery disease. Then us identify what’s leading to it, and aid you reverse it.

Schedule a call consultation to evaluation your recognized risk factors.

We will collection up her blood tests. We can do blood tests anywhere in the U.S. In various other countries, we do a number of key blood exam by a finger prick, without leaving your house, through a mail-order kit.

Here are some other procedures you have the right to take. Don’t leave it to chance.

Watch the movie The Widowmaker. Click on the button listed below to watch the trailer.

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Get the book Beat the Heart strike Gene by our colleagues Drs. Brad Bale and also Amy Doneen. It’s $14 in ~ Amazon. Click on the button below. There you’ll learn around a number of the tests we do.

We deserve to test you because that heart an illness risk factors anywhere in the U.S. You don’t also need come leave your home. You can gain started with a therapy program, and also start come shrink her artery plaque. A lot of of human being think that it’s not possible to turning back artery disease. We recognize it is. We check out it every day. If you don’t think it, click artery testimonials and see for yourself.