Do you have actually one thick ear lobe? Or two?

If you only have one thick ear lobe:

Thick ear lobes (if just one side is thick) can be resulted in by infection. Is the ear lobe red or heat to the touch or tender? If so, see your wellness treatment provider.

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Allergies to metals in ear jewelry can also cause inflammation of the ear lobes, typically (yet not always) on both sides.

thick ear lobes deserve to be a red flag:


While cholesterol and also fats are being deposited in the inner lining of the arteries, they deserve to additionally be deposited in the ear lobes, making them thicker.

Do you have thick ear lobes?

One of our patients sassist, “Those ear lobes saved my life.” After hearing his ear lobes might be a red flag for heart disease, he got tested. He had actually even more artery illness than 99% of guys his age. Now his arteries (and also his ear lobes) are acquiring better. Click the “Reversing Heart Disease” video to hear his story. You deserve to watch his artery trending report here.

Do you have a diagonal crease in your ear lobes? (Frank’s sign)

At some point, thick ear lobes deserve to construct a diagonal crease, called “Frank’s crease” or “Frank’s sign (1).” By the time Frank’s authorize shows up, there is a really solid association via heart condition, even more than just a red flag. One examine (2) uncovered that 78% of human being via Frank’s ear lobe crease have heart condition. An autopsy examine in Sweden likewise found a strong association between Frank’s sign, coronary illness and sudden cardiac death (3).


Heart strikes and strokes (artery disease) kill one out of 3 Americans. That statistic hasn’t changed considering that the at an early stage 1900’s. Our “typical of care” isn’t working exceptionally well!

Heart assaults are the biggest killer.

Strokes cause the a lot of discapability.

If you have Frank’s sign, a diagonal crease in your ear lobes, assume your risk from artery conditions is high. Look via our list of risk components and red flags. Or watch the movie, the Widowmaker.

Can Frank’s authorize be reversed?

We have actually viewed human being reverse Frank’s sign; however that just happens by taking an aggressive technique and reversing eexceptionally single artery condition risk aspect. If you have Frank’s ear lobe crease, the a lot of crucial question you deserve to ask yourself is this:

is tright here a heart attack or stroke in My future?

How much risk execute you carry? Would you desire to know ahead of time? How would certainly you find out? Many human being discover out by having actually an occasion.

Don’t uncover out that way.

To determine your threat, we measure your artery illness. Then we identify what’s resulting in it, and also aid you reverse it.

Schedule a phone consultation to evaluation your known danger determinants.

We will set up your blood tests. We can perform blood tests almost everywhere in the UNITED STATE In various other nations, we do a number of crucial blood tests by a finger prick, without leaving your home, through a mail-order kit.

Here are some other procedures you can take. Don’t leave it to chance.

Watch the movie The Widowmaker. Click on the button below to watch the trailer.

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Get the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene by our colleagues Drs. Brad Bale and Amy Doneen. It’s $14 at Amazon. Click on the button below. There you’ll learn around a number of the tests we carry out.

We deserve to test you for heart condition risk components everywhere in the UNITED STATE You don’t even should leave your house. You can get began via a therapy program, and begin to shrink your artery plaque. A lot of people think that it’s not feasible to reverse artery condition. We know it is. We see it every day. If you don’t believe it, click on artery testimonials and check out for yourself.