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One that the most prominent indications of aging is sunken cheeks. And even more so when the whole cheek area starts come droop and sagging cheeks are starting to arise. This article will explain why this happens, just how to protect against it, and also even (to a specific degree) turning back it if it has actually started to take place to you. So that you can obtain back an ext of her youthful chubby cheeks and look her best. And as you may know, I only advocate herbal beauty, without knives, cosmetics injections, and other man-made methods that shot to disguise aging. I prefer to job-related authentically to make my face and also skin younger. And also want to aid you execute the same.So to set the expectations straight. This short article is not about trying to do you look like you’re 15 again. No one is it around trying to achieve cheeks that room disproportionate to the remainder of your confront (and versus the nature of your beauty). Fairly it’s around making the finest of what girlfriend have.I will offer you every my tips and knowledge around how come naturally get fuller and much more youthful cheeks. And also everything i teach in this blog are approaches that have operated for me and also that is backed up by science. So let’s acquire started!This is what okay cover:Sunken cheeks meaningHollow cheeks Sunken cheekboneSagging cheeksCauses that sunken cheeks How come treat sunken cheeks How to acquire chubby cheeks naturallyWhat around chubby cheeks with fillers/fat transfer?Summary*Please note, this post contains affiliate links, and I might receive a little commission if you acquisition through any type of of those links. That doesn’t expense you any type of extra and I just recommend products I important love and also use myself. You deserve to read my full disclosure here.

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Sunken cheeks meaning

The an interpretation of sunken cheeks differs slightly amongst people. However overall, the meaning of the is cheeks that have fallen inwards. Fairly the the opposite of the plump chubby cheeks that are associated with youth. To be an ext clear around what sunken cheeks really mean, it is generally a combination of these three distinctive descriptions:

Hollow cheeks

Hollow cheeks is one expression for as soon as there is a absence of tissue in between the cheekbone and the lower jawbone. This volume ns will cause an indent in the area.Fatloss is a common reason of this indent. And also it is usual even among younger human being if they diet a lot. Or have certain illnesses (see below).

Sunken cheekbones

Sunken cheekbones typical that either the yes, really bone has lost some of its volume, or the surrounding fat and muscle tissue have actually atrophied. Which offers a more overall level appearance of your cheeks. When the cheekbones come to be flatter, the skin will also start come doop. I m sorry will add to the appearance of sagging cheeks (explained below).

Sagging cheeks

Sagging cheeks is referring to the skin itself. And a sagging appearance of the skin in the cheek area. As explained above, a large cause of this drooping cheeks is sunken cheekbones. In various other words, ns of volume around the cheekbone area. The skin i do not care looser as a result, however loss of collagen and elastin theatre a duty too (which I’ll additionally come ago to)As said, once we talk around sunken cheeks, it is commonly a combination of these 3 attributes.
This article explains the reasons of sunken cheeks, just how to avoid them, and how to gain fuller cheeks naturally.

Causes the sunken cheeks

There space several factors why we lose the chubby cheeks we as soon as had. And get a much more sunken and flattened appearance. This ar will explain these reasons in much more detail. 


The most evident reason for obtaining sunken cheeks is aging. Together we acquire older we shed subcutaneous fat from details areas of the face, make us shed volume in our face. This volume ns is aggravated by lose of muscle mass and bone mass. Tip: mine post around facial bone loss will go into detail around how to preserve solid bones in your face.On optimal of this, we also lose the an effective production the collagen and elastin we once had as young. Which leader to less firmness of the skin.

Illness and also lifestyle habits

Sunken cheeks, specifically the so-called hollow cheeks, can in some instances be one expression of a major illness. Such together HIV or tuberculosis. Malnutrition indigenous a lifestyle with strict dieting have the right to be one more cause. As well as anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. If she a heavy smoker, that have the right to put girlfriend at threat of emerging sunken cheeks too. 

How come treat sunken cheeks

First the all, if you’re experiencing sunken cheeks early out to any illness, this requirements to be treated. Seek medical assist if girlfriend have any concerns around your health.Possible malnutrition and eating disorders must be treated too. And also I recommend you check out both a medical professional and a dietician (or well-renowned nutritionist). If you room underweight girlfriend will need to acquire weight again to gain back youthful and fuller cheeks. Tip: For an ext advice top top what foodstuffs you need for optimal skin health, see my post about foods that can help tighten skin.With the said. When sunken cheeks are a an outcome of aging, then begin with some essential measurements as soon as possible. The actions detailed below will not just assist prevent the problem from getting worse. Lock will also reverse the process (to a particular degree).
The fullness of her cheeks is dependent on muscles, fat, and bones. This short article explains just how it hangs together. Just how to protect against sunken cheeks. And also how to get chubbier cheeks naturally.
1 – Eat sufficient fat, protein, and carbohydrates. All these macronutrients will aid you gain healthy cheeks and cheek muscles. You carry out not desire to go on a strict diet and also limit the input of any type of of these.2 – Make sure to prevent any kind of bone atrophy. Eat lot of of irpari greens and also vegetables, take your vitamin D supplement and also vitamin K2. And incorporate muscle cultivate of your challenge (see below).3 – Eat as plenty of carotenoid-rich foods as possible. These micronutrients room proven to boost elasticity (by increasing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) and also make your skin much more plump. Check out this post to learn more. 4 – Start v rebuilding your facial muscles through the assist of microcurrent or facial exercises. Which ok get ago to under the section about how to get chubby cheeks. 5 – Make certain you get your beauty sleep every night. A deficiency of sleep will certainly hinder your production of collagen and also elastin (promoting sagging cheeks). As well as the production of hyaluronic acid, which deserve to leave your skin dehydrated and much more flaccid.See my article on how to sleep much better for your skin. And my post around how to boost your natural hyaluronic acid production for an ext plump skin. Those will help you get a much more healthy complexion in general.
If you’re starting to notification sunken cheeks then make sure to start this treatment setup as shortly as feasible for best results.
Tip: For an ext advice on exactly how to law sagging cheeks in particular, ns recommend you check out my post about nasolabial folds and also saggy skin

How to acquire chubby cheeks naturally

Plump, rounded cheeks give most faces a youthful and also healthy look. While sagging cheeks often indicate aging and or illness. Here is the list of what you have to do to accomplish fuller cheeks.

Avoid dieting

As mentioned above, you have to avoid any kind of kind of strictly dieting (unless you’re overweight) if you want to accomplish natural chubby cheeks. Dieting will put you at risk of malnutrition. And a absence of calories (energy) will additionally put friend at danger of depleting your facial tissues of the power they need. Bring about atrophy and also sagging cheeks. 

Start v microcurrent

Microcurrent is an amazing technology that help strengthen your facial muscles, rise firmness, and a many more.If friend haven’t check out my post about microcurrent yet, i warmly recommend you to do so.To specifically job-related on the cheeks to obtain them fuller and an ext youthful. Just use her microcurrent device consistently around the cheek area. Microcurrent will certainly stimulate your muscles to prosper stronger and also larger over time. And it will likewise have positive effects on her bones. Help them to keep their strength and volume for longer. I to be in love through microcurrent. It has definitely been a game-changer because that me as soon as it comes to transforming back the clock of my face. It has actually not just facilitated plumper fuller cheeks (and less nasolabial folds and also marionette lines together a result). Yet it has likewise been remarkable for my hooded eye (which you deserve to read around in this post).For training and plumping her cheeks, ns have found the gadgets Nuface Trinity and also ZIIP Beauty come be two of the best. And also at the same time very straightforward to use.I have actually recently began to usage my ZIIP more often though due to the fact that it has some other benefits too. You deserve to read my complete comparison that ZIIP vs Nuface if you desire to learn more.You can also see my comprehensive post around microcurrent to learn an ext about this technology and mine devices.Finally, I likewise want to point out that there is a new device on the market referred to as Foreo Bear, that ns am not an extremely fond of. It merely does not offer the an outcome that the other devices do. And I have actually a different post about it here.

Facial exercises

If you do not want to shot microcurrent, or can not afford it. Then absolutely start v a facial exercise regimen. One little study has presented that participants who did 30 minute of facial exercises every day because that 8 weeks, all accomplished fuller cheek volume. And firmer and also younger-looking faces.I personally choose microcurrent over doing face exercises (or facial yoga). Because I desire to be sure I to be targeting my muscles as successfully as possible. And get the best results. Microcurrent also has other advantages for the skin, all explained in this post.

Don’t rubbish time on treatments that won’t perform anything for fuller cheeks

There space a many misleading info out there. Since anyone have the right to write just about anything.So you could see advice about using different creams and also serums, aloe vera, shea butter, etc. To obtain chubby cheeks. However everything that you placed on topically will assist only contempt (at that best) through the structure of her skin. However do absolutely nothing come the fullness and also volume of her cheeks.Using creams and serums, and different sort of home remedy mixture cannot aid treat sunken cheeks either.You may additionally see the suggestion of doing a face massage. But that treatment will not boost the fullness of your cheeks either. Even though that is a great treatment for other purposes, together as enhanced blood circulation and improved lymphatic flow. That can help you get healthier skin overall.

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What around chubby cheeks with fillers/fat transfer?

Since I know there is a most marketing for filler (cosmetic injections) and fat transfer (cosmetic surgery) as approaches to attain chubby cheeks. I wanted to say a few words around these methods. Using dermal fillers, such together the so-called momentary fillers v hyaluronic acid, does no come risk-free. And you have the right to read all around the risks and also side effects in this blog post. But also, injecting fillers right into your face, especially in the cheek area, has been presented to cause something dubbed filler fatigue. And this phenomenon method the skin will certainly be extended out and also become looser. I beg your pardon will increase aging. On top of that, fillers will certainly make your skin heavier through time, leading to an ext sagging, drooping, and also nasolabial folds. When it comes to fat deliver (meaning a plastic operated doctor does a fat grafting native a certain component of her body and injects it right into your cheeks). Few of the threats are discoloration at the treatment site, scars, embolism, and also a distorted look. As pointed out at the beginning of this post, i personally advocate natural methods to keep the face and also skin as young together possible. Methods that make me feeling authentic and real. And that truly slow down aging, instead of disguising it. If you pick to take one more path, just make certain you recognize all the risks and side results of the procedure friend chose. Perform your research carefully and also include research around the doctor. 


Let’s provide a brief summary on how to get chubby cheeks naturally. And also consequently treat and also prevent sunken cheeks.