Stardew sink is a deceptively simple-looking game. In truth, there's so much to attain that it can obtain pretty overwhelming and also convoluted quickly. Most importantly, the video game doesn't organize your hand. It simply drops girlfriend down into your farm and also the rest of it is up to you to figure out.

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through how numerous different make recipes and cool item there are in the game, it's essential to understand where to discover the crafting ingredients and simple resources required to do them. However, the game once again doesn't just tell you this. It's a lot of trial and error trying come figure everything out, which have the right to feel frustrating because that perfectionists. This handy overview will tell you the most usual places to get the most straightforward resources.

where To discover Wood In Stardew Valley

Stardew valley Chopping A Tree
You can chop down any kind of tree you find about town, in the forest, or at the farm yard to get some wood.

Trees exterior of the farm will certainly grow earlier on your own, and also if friend don't choose up any kind of of the seed at her farm, tree will thrive from acorns and also pine cones and also the like.

Stardew sink Hardwood Tree Stumps
Mahogany trees, large stumps and big logs all drop hardwood, noted you have the ideal axe because that the job. A steel axe or better is constantly the finest to have, though huge stumps have the right to be broken with a copper axe and mahogany trees deserve to be broken with any axe.

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The Secret Woods is the ideal location come go ago to for hardwood that respawns regularly. You deserve to gather around 12 pieces of hardwood there daily. Those through a woodland farm benefit from 16 hardwood respawns a day on peak of that.

Stardew valley Rocks
Break any little rock or a large boulder come drop some stone. When you very first arrive at her farm, there's a bunch of rocks about which can be broken.

You can also head come the mines and the quarry when they're unlocked to gain some more stone. Rocks will certainly respawn daily.

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Stardew valley Tree Farm
once cutting down any form of tree, the broken-down tree will certainly drop some sap. You have the right to also download a tap ~ above a mahogany tree to acquire some regularly.

Stardew valley Dust Sprites
Head come the mines. Any type of rocks friend break have actually a chance of yielding some coal. If girlfriend encounter Dust Sprites in the mines, slaying them will likewise drop a couple of pieces of coal.

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In a pinch, friend can constantly purchase some coal indigenous Clint the blacksmith.

making use of a scythe, once you an initial arrive at her farm, make sure to start breaking under the weeds that room scattered everywhere the ground.

these weeds can additionally be uncovered in the forest, and also some locations of the mines as well.

You need to mine copper nodes to obtain copper ore. In the mines, the best levels to discover a ton of this nodes space between 31 and also 39.

Wooden crates might sometimes productivity some, as well as artifact spots. If the quarry is unlocked, there's also a possibility to uncover some copper there.

To get iron, you need to break an steel node v a pickaxe. The finest place to perform so is in the mines, and also the highest concentration of iron nodes is between levels 41 and 79.

The quarry can also spawn some iron nodes if you're lucky.

Gold nodes must be broken to acquire your hands on part gold ore. This nodes are most numerous in the mines past level 80.

The quarry can additionally occasionally have actually gold nodes generate in, and also ghosts encountered in the mines have actually a slight possibility of dropping gold ore.

The finest bet to discover Iridium ore is to neglect the mines and also go deep into Skull Cavern instead. The deeper girlfriend go, the much more likely the is you'll find Iridium ore, either normally or reduce by Iridium bats. Alternatively, mining because that Magma and Omni Geodes in the continuous mines, found in between levels 115 and also 119, is a somewhat trusted source.

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If you're lucky, the quarry might occasionally generate with Iridium nodes. As soon as a meteorite autumn on the farm, you deserve to mine that for 6 Iridium ore through the appropriate tool.

If you're successful throughout grandpa's evaluation and also he offers you four candles, he'll approve you the Statue of Perfection, which will drop you a few pieces that Iridium ore per day.

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This distinctive ore can be found within Skull Cavern or the mines noted you have actually a challenge pursuit active.

Head to Skull Cavern during the Skull Cavern invasion quest, or to the mines throughout the Danger In The Deep quest, and they will be spawning in.