You might be wonder to fix your "gummy smile" because your teeth room too short. Countless times the teeth are the appropriate length, they are just covered by too lot gum tissue. This problem is referred to as "altered passive eruption." To make the laugh look better, overabundance gum organization is eliminated (often times through a laser) to expose all the beautiful enamel nature provided you. The adhering to photos will show examples the this kind of treatment.

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Before photos room on the left, after ~ photos space on the right. Both ladies did not choose their "gummy smiles." The overfill gum organization was removed and that carried a an ext natural balance to their smiles.


This patient had actually teeth which to be both too short and also discolored. A mix of esthetic crown lengthening adhered to by this greatly magnified his smile.


These photos speak because that themselves. This patient to be thrilled through her brand-new smile ~ removing the excess gum tissue.


This patience had an excellent looking teeth but too much gum tissue and also some asymmetry. Simply removing the overabundance gum organization made a large difference.

Some human being have a gummy smile because they have actually worn their natural teeth under from grinding. This next situation is an example of quick teeth from extreme wear.


This patient"s teeth are so quick from years of grinding (also referred to as bruxism) and also not protecting his this by attract a night guard. Following crown lengthening porcelain restorations to be placed. He can"t prevent smiling!!

How Dr. Scharf Fixes Gummy Smiles

When friend smile, execute you discover that your top teeth room overshadowed through the extreme gum organization in your mouth? If girlfriend do, girlfriend may have what is described as a gummy smile. A gummy smile through too much gums no an oral health concern, but many patients find them to be aesthetically displeasing and also are ashamed of the look. The problem can go the other means too—gum recession can an outcome in too much of your this being exposed which have the right to be an oral health issue. However, gummy smiles are possible to fix! Dr. David R. Scharf and also his dental team offer many treatment alternatives to settle the gummy smile difficulty for ours patients.

What causes Gummy Smiles?

A gummy smile can have numerous reasons behind it. From having actually a tooth erupt come the advance and growth of your upper jaw bone, over there are many unpredictable components that can an outcome in your smile being gummy. Below are few of the reasons of gummy smile:

Abnormal teeth eruption: once your teeth erupt in her gums improperly, it deserve to lead come the majority of the this being extended by an excessive amount that gum tissue. This results in your teeth looking quick even despite they’re likely a proper length.Hyperactive upper lip muscle: more of her gum tissue deserve to be exposed when you laugh as a result of a hyperactive top lip muscle due to the fact that your top lip will certainly rise higher than normal.Upper jaw bone growth and development: if your jaw bone arisen a certain means when you were still growing and also development, such together a bulging protrusion in your upper jaw, the would an outcome in a gummy illustration to her smile.

What Treatment choices are easily accessible for Gummy Smiles?

If you suspect that you have a gummy smile and also you desire to look for treatment options, please come visit Dr. David Scharf for this reason he have the right to assess her smile and also recommend suitable treatment options. Throughout the examination process, Dr. David Scharf will take a look at at your mouth, her gums, and also your this to identify the possible causes of her gummy smile in addition to other oral health pertains to like gum disease. This examination could be a straightforward conventional watch or it can involve more extensive methods like digital impressions of her gums and also teeth. An x-ray image deserve to also help examine your jaw bone and also tooth roots.

Here are some of the treatment options easily accessible to law gummy smiles, along with a summary of what the treatment is:

Laser gum treatment

With the usage of a laser, diseased tissue have the right to be eradicated while healthy tissue is left untouched. This is supplied for gum condition treatment which can be a reason behind a gummy smile. The laser will certainly make that so that your gum heat is ultimately at a level acceptable because that you.

Maxillofacial surgery

In some cases, a patient’s jaw bone demands to repositioned in stimulate to solve the concern of a gummy smile.

Orthodontic treatment

Braces and also aligners can help reposition her teeth into a more suitable place which can correct part gummy smiles.

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These are just a few of the options out there to fix gummy smiles. There space other approaches out there; surgical and non-surgical. You’ll require to comment on with Dr. David Scharf what treatment method best suits your distinctive situation.

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Dr. David Scharf and also his team that dental experts is right here to help fix your gummy smile. We desire you to have the ability to smile proud again and be happy v it, so we are obtainable to reorient the gum tissue till your pearly white skin - man shine through again. Have to you great to know our office hours, make an appointment with us, or learn much more about just how we can help you with your gummy smile, we are obtainable to help! Dr. David Scharf has specialized himself to offering the finest dental care possible to the human being of long Island!