Most of YouTubers continuous say about their protective immunity to haters and indifference come dislikes and negative comments below their videos. However, the analytics suggests otherwise. Over there are numerous search queries on Google as “How to uncover out that dislikes her YouTube video?”It is a good example to define human nature. No matter just how zealously we deny yet we really care about other people’s opinion concerning us, particularly when the is negative. Let’s cave on YouTube a small bit and also understand whether it is possible to understand your foe by sight also if it does no matter, actually.

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Can You see Who Disliked Your video clip on YouTube

Nobody to know whether YouTube go this to protect the mental wellness of its individuals or for various other reasons. However, that does not enable the author of the content to see exactly, I mean to know the nickname of the human who disliked the video. At the same time, that is additionally impossible to check out who chosen your video as these 2 buttons are anonymous. The total count that “thumbs up” and also “thumbs down” is available. If you have thousands of followers, girlfriend are likely not to stroked nerves yourself with an examination of haters. However, it matters to some bloggers. YouTube pursues the plan of freedom to express your voice, and also hidden names room the right an approach to remain objective and honest.

How to see who Disliked her Video

For those who have actually just become gloomy, over there is a consolation prize. In the Analytics section of YouTube, you have the right to see part metrics such together demographics, location, and data for interactions that has comments, shares, likes, and dislikes as well. You are still not able to find out particular names but this details is far better than nothing. It provides you with an expertise of her viewers’ characteristics who execute not choose your videos.

To get into the Analytics section you should:

Log in come YouTube.Click on your avatar or icon in the upper right corner. Choose YouTube Studio native the drop-down menu.Click ~ above Analytics in the left panel.

Here friend will be able to see several tabs that refer to different varieties of statistics such as Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience.

Find a line with the name choose / dislike whereby you can see all the information about one special video clip below the chart. Friend have access to geography, day when dislike to be put, whether this human being is subscribed to her channel or not, and also what device form he uses.

What is more, there is the flip side of the coin. If you space a viewer and want to uncover out an answer to the question whether someone have the right to see if you dislike a youtube video clip or not, there space some news because that you. YouTubers cannot call you by her name or surname but they know what country you are in, and what an equipment you supplied to put that nasty “thumb down”.


Even if, YouTube go not provide you through special names, you get much power using statistics. You room awarded v an opportunity to recognize the preferences of her viewers, and much better customize ads, encourage the channel. There is no sense to worry about the name of your viewers. You’d much better work an ext on the name of your channel or videos. That is definitely much more useful.

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