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Learn exactly how to draw a Windmill, the old fashioned sort still uncovered in Denmark. Countless artists have been fascinated through their look over the years.

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To learn more about the background of windmills, you can go look back to a guy named Poul la Cour who prospered up on a farm in Djursland, Denmark in the 1850s. He is listed for his beforehand work ~ above wind power which laid the foundation for modern-day windmill modern technology and wind power plants uncovered today.

The old fashioned buildings, many of which deserve to still be watched in Denmark, still have a fascinating look which artists have been illustration a paint for numerous years. Lock must have actually looked pretty modern to them, in ~ one point in time.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to attract a Windmill

Draw the height dome.

Add the curved sides below.

Fill sides with windows, door.

Draw center circle and huge X.

Add panel attached come each.

Fill the panels v grid lines.

Draw background landscaping.

Fill foreground through flowers.

Trace through marker and also color.




This clever idea to repaint a windmill ~ above a paper plate originates from Dream, Draw, Create.

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It’s another good alternative once you nothing have great watercolor file to occupational with. I discovered these uncoated super cheap plates took the color beautifully, and kept all the lovely texture that watercolor repaint is well-known for.

The truth that you might stick these every on a wall surface with just a little tape, and have a “framed” windmill art show in around 10 minute is pure genius. Thanks ‘Dream, Draw, Create’!


Paper plate, uncoated (the supervisor cheap kind found at your grocer or Costco)Watercolor paint