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Discover just how to attract a Windmill, the old fashioned kind still uncovered in Denmark. Many artists have been fascinated through their look over the years.

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To learn more around the history of windmills, you can go look earlier to a male named Poul la Cour that prospered up on a farm in Djursland also, Dennote in the 1850s. He is provided for his early on work on wind power which laid the foundation for contemporary windmill technology and also wind power plants uncovered this day.

The old fashioned structures, many kind of of which have the right to still be checked out in Denmark, still have actually a fascinating look which artists have been drawing a painting for numerous years. They have to have looked pretty modern-day to them, at one suggest in time.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Windmill

Draw the optimal dome.

Add the curved sides below.

Fill sides with home windows, door.

Draw center circle and large X.

Add panel attached to each.

Fill the panels through grid lines.

Draw background landscaping.

Fill foreground via flowers.

Trace with marker and color.




This clever before principle to paint a windmill on a file plate comes from Dream, Draw, Create.

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It’s an additional good alternative when you don’t have good watershade paper to work-related via. I found these uncoated super cheap plates took the shade beauticompletely, and also retained all that lovely texture that watershade paint is known for.

The truth that you could stick these all on a wall with just a tiny tape, and also have actually a “framed” windmill art show in about 10 minutes is pure genius. Thanks ‘Dream, Draw, Create’!


Paper plate, uncoated (the super cheap type found at your grocer or Costco)Watercolor paint