I been having a horrible problem with this, I only really attract from straight forward, and also I have actually a difficult time figuring out the anatomy of snouts. I always make them too boxlike.

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Any tips or photos I can use for recommendation on drawin' them?


Here's one Imgur post I had bookmarked. Seems to have actually helped me the end pretty well;


/u/PopLadd has a great reference of one artist's technique to act muzzles and snouts. Ignoring that the artist provides a life doing that, their method should not be your approach. Every artist does your own brief hand when doing anatomy from referral pictures, and that brief hand once practiced gradually becomes her norm. But brief hand isn't necessarily accurate, it's simply close enough. And if you execute your very own version of someone else's "close enough", you're never going come be much better than them, and virtually always worse.

The photos do have advantageous information though around their thought process and just how they came to their conclusion. Take it an actual photo and just draw basic shapes prefer spheres and also cubes over that picture. Do your own shapes to build that form, and also erase the extraneous lines. Identify vital landmarks and angles as well. How much down is the common lion's nose from the bridge? How much down is a red fox's? How broad are these features? that one have to be basic actually, noses are as wide as the eye are far apart, and also the mouth tends to be about as vast as the centre of the eyes. However that's just the corners that the mouth, therefore how large is the widest component of a muzzle for a tiger, or an otter?

Make scaffolds all approximately the head, all around the face, make certain you make your own quick hand the you can replicate in ~ a moment's notice. You want to be able to memorise those features in your own quick hand for this reason you never forget it. And also if you forget in a job or a week, carry out the study again with an additional photo. You'll it is in doing it frequently anyway, and also should be illustration with recommendation photos regardless, however eventually every those studies you carry out will end up being a herbal "this is exactly how I carry out fox muzzles" moment. Friend won't attract the spheres or cubes or guiding lines no longer (unless you really must for some derptastic attitude you thought would be awesome and is yet oh god why am ns doing this to myself), you'll just draw the outlines and also then internal attributes for the muzzle automatically.

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And this is literally every "expert" artist do. They make their own quick hands for major muscles of the body, significant features the the face, and also then replicate those things slightly out of whack because that an larger drunk guy, or a mrs swinging a typical chain.