Deleting a son account (under 13) is a little different 보다 deleting an account because that an adult or enlarge teenager. Son accounts cannot be turned off without having actually a parental account attached and also linked to it.

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If you want to delete a child"s account indigenous your linked parent account, you have the right to do therefore by following the procedures below. However, before doing so, there room two essential considerations:

Deleting a boy account is a permanent activity that will delete every progress and put a lock on your child’s username. Their account can not be revitalized once deleted.If your child’s account was created for institution use, girlfriend should inspect with her child’s teachers as they may be utilizing the account for institution assignments and also to track your progress.

To inspect whether the account is being offered for school purposes, examine to see if your boy has any kind of teachers linked to their account. To do this, go to your parent Dashboard by clicking on your name in the upper ideal corner, and also then click Parent Dashboard.


In your parental Dashboard, click your child"s name:


Then, click the teachers tab in the left navigating bar:


If they have any kind of linked teachers, they will certainly be detailed on the right-hand side, favor this:


If your son does have one or more teachers connected to their account, friend should check with them as to whether they require your child to keep their account active and the teacher linked, or whether they space OK through you removing castle (the teacher) from her child’s account, and also deleting it.

Once you have actually verified your son does not have actually any active teachers linked to their account, and also you still desire to permanently delete all of their past progress (assignments completed, badges earned, etc) and delete their account, follow these steps:

Back in your parent Dashboard, clickEdit Settingsnext come the kid account you"d choose to delete.


Scroll under to the bottom the the child"s settings page and click on Delete<child account username>.

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You"ll be asked to re-enter the password for her account simply to make certain you"re the parent or adult linked to the son account, and then your child"s account will certainly be deleted.