When you launch Rainbow Six: Siege, the video game helpfully determines your data center automatically with no input forced from you. This isn’t the finest option, however, for players who have international girlfriend or prefer to take it on challengers from different parts the the globe. Us at derekwadsworth.com feel your pain and decided come teach our readers exactly how to readjust servers in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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As is regularly the situation with custom setups on a computer game, the price isn’t constantly immediately obvious. The measures to take it aren’t hard, but they are obfuscated in a method that makes the process a bit much more of a chore. The services of taking these procedures are valuable though. Since being able to play with various other gamers throughout the people exposes you come a whole range of competition the you could not have access to in your specific region.

Of course, it goes without saying, but the farther away the data facility you decision to beat in is from her physical location, the more issues prefer lag, latency, and also other networking concerns will influence you. The aside from that the electrons have to travel with the tubes, the an ext likely they are to experience errors follow me the way, and the longer it takes for them to get to their destination. The being said, let’s malfunction the steps.

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How to adjust Servers in Rainbow Six: Siege

Here are the actions for her convenience:

Make sure that Rainbow Six: Siege isn’t running.Navigate come the directory ..\Rainbow six – Siege\Your UplayID is a lengthy string of characters, so don’t look for a proper name or anything.If you play Rainbow six with many accounts, there will certainly be many of these directories, for this reason make certain to pick the ideal one.Open up the ini document with the message reader of your choice.Scroll down to the bottom of the record until you uncover the variable titled DataCenterHintAbove the variable, you’ll see a bunch the labels commented out by semicolons (;).Each the those labels synchronizes to a datacenter sustained by the game.Change the value of DataCenterHint indigenous the default value of playfab/default come the data center of her choice.You readjust should look favor this: playfab/japanwestMake sure to save her changes!Launch Rainbow Six: Siege, and enter the setups menu.At the bottom that the screen it will show you the current data center.If it displays the server friend selected in the GameSettings.ini file, you’ve properly made the change!

And that’s how to adjust servers in Rainbow Six: Siege. Currently you deserve to play with international friends or simply buddies on the various other side the the country. If you decide you desire to dive into an additional high-intensity activity game, make certain to inspect out all of our other guides for games like Borderlands, contact of Duty, and Warframe. Good luck and an excellent shooting!