Surgery leaves scars. It is famed that together the human body heals after surgery, it creates organization that form over the wounds. While mostpeople are aware of external scarring (like those that take place when you get big cuts on your skin), you can likewise scar internally as well. This internal scarring can occur in spine surgery and also is a common cause ofpost-surgical ago pain.

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Scar organization Removal Spine Surgery


Even the most successful spine surgeries may result in the formation of scar tissue, and the presence of scar tissue itself is no necessarily indicative of pain. However when the scar organization is considerable or is situated near nerves and also in areas that cause pain, it’s feasible for moderate to serious pain come develop.If that pain develops, the is termed “Epidural Fibrosis.”

Any ache after spine surgery is known asfailed back surgery syndromeor FBSS. Any time a patient experiences FBSS, non-surgical administration is the an initial course that action. Yet when the pains is also severe, conservative restore is no possible, and it’s clear through thorough scans and proper analysis that organization removal would minimize or eliminate pain, it may be essential to undergo scar tissue removal surgery.

During this surgery, known as an “Adhesiolysis,” the operated doctor performs a reasonably specific collection of procedures, return these may differ depending upon whether it is the cervical or lumbar spine, the degree of the scar tissue, and also other factors.

The procedure is:

Minimally Invasive– Adhesiolysis walk not require a large, open wound. Just a tiny incision is made, and the procedure is perfect using small injections.General Anesthesia Free– Scar organization removal surgical treatment does no necessitate basic anesthesia, return it might be vital for choose circumstances. It can be performed through mild sedation.Precise– contrast dye is supplied to reach the affected area, X-rays guide the surgery, and also there are tools, such as balloons, the ensure the operated doctor can straight reach the influenced area.

Scar tissue surgical treatment is aimed in ~ eliminating scar organization ideally utilizing medications, such together steroids, the are straight aimed in ~ the organization themselves. Castle also carry out immediate ache relief and also can be adapted to likewise improve nerve healing/regeneration if needed.

When is Scar tissue Removal right For You?

Scar organization removal deserve to be an effective way to eliminate pain led to byepidural fibrosis.But it is not appropriate in every settings. The is critical that every device is provided to ensure that scar tissue is the reason of your back pain and also that it is not some other, however unknown factor.

Some surgeons only look because that the visibility of scar tissue when the patient suffers from FBSS. But because scar organization is present with successful, pain-free surgeries, a ideal diagnosis is critical. The is necessary to watch afailed back surgery specialist, prefer Dr. James Chappuis, Dr. Petilon, and the team in ~ Spine center Atlanta, in stimulate to determine if adhesiolysis is the best choice.

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If you space interested in learning more about scar tissue removal, pleasecall now at 404-351-5812. We assist those both in Atlanta and throughout the United claims with second opinions, review surgeries, diagnoses, and also other solutions to reduce and also eliminate earlier pain after surgery.