Parents, well-meaning relatives and some health-care specialists often recommend including baby oatmeal and cereals to child formula to assist babies sleep or come treat reflux. However, this practice has actually not to be proven efficient for either scenario. Generally, parents should not present solids to kids under 4 month old. Once your kid is all set for solids, you have the right to mix Similac formula with baby oatmeal until you’ve completed the desired consistency. Talk with your child’s pediatrician because that advice on starting solids.

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In a Bottle

Prepare her baby’s bottle using Similac baby formula by following the package"s instructions. Depending on the product form you room using, you might need come mix powdered formula v water, add water come a concentrated liquid formula, or simply pour ready-to-feed Similac formula into the bottle. Similac prints clear and easy-to-follow direction on every package, so monitor them closely.

Place a Y or crosscut nipple top top the bottle. Including oatmeal to the formula thickens it, for this reason it would certainly clog a consistent nipple. Purchase these nipples in the keep or cut a little slit in the opened of the nipple.

Monitor your kid when giving thickened formula come ensure the the thickness go not reason choking. Only thicken formula under a physician’s direct guidance.

In a Bowl

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Pour one serving of dry infant oatmeal into a little bowl.

Add 1 tablespoon the formula per serving and also mix well with the spoon. You can increase or diminish the quantity of Similac included to the oatmeal to achieve the oatmeal’s wanted consistency. Younger babies just beginning on solids benefit from diluent oatmeal, whereas larger babies can handle more thickness oatmeal there is no a problem.

Feed the oatmeal to your baby using a rubber-coated spoon to prevent hurting she gums.

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