The iPad is a comfortable whether girlfriend feel like playing games, reading a book, capturing a movie or listening to her favorite music. In this week’s 2-Minute Expert, we breakdown how much datastoragethese activities require and aid you choose the ideal model: 16 gigabytes, 32 GB or 64 GB.

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What carry out I need for a basic setup?

Upon starting up the iPad, you’ll should install the latest service update, i beg your pardon takes around 1 GB. A straightforward social apps — such as Facebook and also Twitter — take minimal space, about 10 megabyte or so. Application Store listings usually indicate the size of one app and how lot updates will certainly add.Business apps deserve to be lot bigger, however. Apple"s Pages word-processing app, for instance, operation 269 MB. For this reason we will certainly assume a generosity 1 GB for every apps. Through the update, that concerns 2GB.

The application Store has actually an numerous amount of video. Movies selection from standards to brand-new releases. Friend can likewise get TV shows. A feature-length film such together the awesome "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," takes about 1.5 GB, a one-hour drama like "GameofThrones" is around 800 MB and also a half-hour sitcom such as "Parks and also Recreation" is a little over 350 MB. Longer movies, like "Transformers: Dark the the Moon," optimal over the 2 GB mark. That’s because that standard-definition films and also shows. An HD movie deserve to require a lining 6 GB.

You can also go the streaming route, with tiny apps together Flixster, Netflix and also Hulu Plus. Flixster, because that instance, is a meager 21.4 MB. Since they aren"t save on computer on the iPad, the videos barely take it up any space.

How about ebooks and magazines?

In most instances ebooks are just text and little interactive menus to flip v pages. (Ebook reader apps, favor Nook, are only roughly 10 MB.)Animated storybooks, such together Dr. Seuss titles or Disney/Pixar offerings, prefer the "Toy Story" books are larger, taking up around 170 MB or more — still no so much.However, a photo-rich magazine issue can run 2GB or more.

And music?

No issue which design iPad girlfriend own, you can store a the majority of music. Many songs indigenous iTunes are approximately 5 come 10 MB a pop, and full albums barely it is registered over 150 MB. If you’ve obtained a hundred or for this reason songs because that a roadway trip, you’ll have actually no problem. If you have a large collection, you can need to make part choices.


Smaller people such together "Atari’s greatest Hits," a superb collection of retro favorites, proper register an ext than 20 MB. Comprehensive games that make use of the new iPad’s retina display and also other high-tech attributes take a lot of more. "Infinity tongue II," thought about one the the finest games because that iPad, goes end 700 MB. "Max Payne," a third-person action shooter with wonderful effects, weighs in in ~ 1.11 GB.

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How do I save track the storage?

Either go into the "Settings" menu and check under "About" or plug your an equipment into acomputer, fire increase iTunes, and also click the "Summary" tab. In ~ the bottom, you will see the volume bar, through a detailed malfunction for each kind of item, such as apps or music. (Note that games will be lumped in under "apps.")


With conservative estimates, let’s see around how lot each iPad model have the right to hold. The numbers are listed below are because that if friend maxed the end each medium. Don’t try to cram 100 albumsand10 movie on a 16 GB iPad. All of these approximates do include the basic setup the apps and also updates, including streaming services, since they take practically no space.

16 GB iPad

Two high-definition movies or 9 in standard-def,or100 music albums (about 1,200 songs),orRoughly 450 little games such together " “Atari’s greatest Hits,” or 15 large titles such as "Infinity blade II,"or450 ebooks (combination that regular and animated storybooks)

32 GB iPad

Five high-definition or 20 standard-definition movies,or200 albums or approximately 3,000 songs,orAbout 900 small games or 35 large games,or1,100 ebooks

64 GB iPad

10 high-definition or 40 standard-definition movies,or400 albums or 6,000 songs,or2,000 little games or 75 huge ones,or2,250 ebooks