The Question

Sometimes, patients ask a collection of inquiries which can be answer under one rubric. This is specifically true when it comes to fat transfer and lipo questions, such together the questions our asking Dr. Pane segment focuses on this week. The viewer, from ours Instagram crowd, asks, “How lot fat can be removed at one time? and how much can be transferred?” Dr. Pane appreciated this question since it provided him a chance to address several facets the liposuction therapy which space rarely disputed in a publicly forum, making it an important one to address.

The Answer

Dr. Pane provided his answer is Florida-specific, because of the state’s unique history with cosmetic surgery and also physicians who have actually pushed the envelope in the past, with sometimes unfortunate results.Under Florida state law, medical professionals performing liposuction in one office setup may eliminate up to 4 liters that fat from a patience in a single session. That’s actually a lot! come visualize this, Dr. Pane said, imagine going come the grocery store and picking up 2 2-liter bottles of soda. The majority of civilization don’t have actually that much excess fat in their whole bodies, so it’s a reasonably liberal upper end, because of this things go. In addition, this doesn’t take into account other fluids which room removed during liposuction, which have the right to increase the volume of product removed from the patient significantly.If you have the right to remove fat indigenous a patient, you can additionally replace it, in ~ limits. Theoretically, you might transfer all the fat taken from a patient earlier into them with minimal difficulty. In the case of a Brazilian target lift, this would job-related out come a theoretical top limit that 2000ml that fat every buttock. However, a great deal depends upon the elasticity that the skin and also the patient’s all at once build. For a small patient, Dr. Pane says 600-800ml of fat per side is normally the high end, while medium-sized patients may have the ability to accommodate as much as 1200ml every side of moved adipose tissue and also larger patients peak out about 1500ml every buttock.The thing to keep in mental is that these numbers i think a variety of variables. First, we assume the patient wants to walk “as large as friend can.” Second, the patient’s skin must be sufficiently supple and flexible to accommodate an abrupt boost in volume the one-third come three-quarters of a liter per side. Third, the patient’s early stage build and also weight must have actually sufficient available fat already to allow a for sure fat transfer. Finally, the initial beginning point must be taken right into account, and also the intended outcome.Dr. Pane notes he is very comfortable through high-volume fat transport procedures, and has a very low price of post-operative issues. Countless of the fear stories civilization see top top the news around fat transfer procedures may greatly be under to problems with the approaches used or improper patient evaluation. Dr. Pane claims in his practice, he often tends to be really close in his estimates around how lot fat is obtainable and what sort of outcomes the patient can expect. He characteristics this come experience and the truth he’s excellent a many these procedures, therefore he’s acquainted with the outer borders of what can and cannot it is in done. Emphasizing the patient gift able to view a visible and satisfactory difference versus a numbers video game of “how big we deserve to go” additionally has a positive influence on in its entirety patient outcomes.The best means to accomplish a an excellent result from her cosmetic surgical treatment is to look for out a qualified doctor with the experience and proven, verifiable track document to deliver result which will work with her body size and also shape and minimize the chances of complications. However, following post-operative aftercare recommendations and also keeping follow-up appointments to evaluate the success the the procedure are just as important.

If you have a question around any element of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Pane and the employee of ACA welcome the chance to comment on your interests and concerns. Just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; speak to us in ~ (561) 422-4116; or send us an email. Your question might be selected as the subject of an upcoming ask Dr. Pane segment, allowing us to inform and educate other patients who share your question while providing you the moral answers you have to make notified decisions and advocate for her own best outcomes. Remember, at ACA we believe the only negative question is the one you nothing ask!


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