Are girlfriend looking to obtain that coast body because that the fast approaching summer? for those of us that failed come uphold our brand-new Year’s Resolutions the hitting the gym and also cutting out the junk food, it’s not too late.

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Are you prepared to fight the beach?

If you find yourself driving often, you could be burning much more calories than you think. Brits behind the wheel could currently be ~ above the roadway for that perfect coast body, according to research study from ClickMechanic.

Find out listed below how numerous calories you could be losing when navigating the UK’s motorways and also A-roads.

One hour of general running = driving London come Edinburgh

One hour of running will certainly burn an typical of 490 calories per hour because that a man and also 400 calories per hour because that a woman. This is the equivalent of seven hours of driving, or in regards to travelling within the UK, driving native London to Edinburgh.

One hour of play tennis = driving Glasgow to Oxford

A many Brits love tennis, and a good hour on the courts will burn an mean 420 calories every hour because that a man and also 343 calories every hour because that a woman. Come burn the same amount of calories, girlfriend would have to drive for 6 hours, or the distance in between Glasgow and also Oxford.

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One hour of dance = steering Cardiff come Sheffield

Dancing will view the average man burn 245 calories per hour contrasted to 200 calories per hour for a woman. If you’re feather to drive away those calories you’d it is in looking at a three and a fifty percent hour drive, or Cardiff come Sheffield in her trusty motor.

One hour of swim = control Norwich come Exeter

If you fancy a dip, swim for one hour will certainly burn 350 calories because that the typical man and also 286 for a woman. A 5 hour drive along Britain’s roadways will view you burn the equivalent, or head come Exeter indigenous Norwich in her car.

One hour of yoga = driving Birmingham come Portsmouth

For those ~ a much more relaxing type of exercise, one hour that yoga does in reality burn a fair couple of calories. The typical woman will certainly burn 171 calories every hour if the average guy will burn 210 calories every hour. This equates to a 3 hour journey in your motor – a journey from Birmingham come Portsmouth will perform the trick.

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