A ‘crown’ is a cap that is fitted in peak of an existing tooth to improve its all at once appearance. Normally a crvery own is fitted if tbelow has been a trouble with the tooth, for instance if it has derekwadsworth.comme to be damaged, damaged or disderekwadsworth.comloured. Unprefer a filling, a crvery own derekwadsworth.comvers the totality of the influenced tooth and sits seamlessly along the gum line.

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A crown is typically rederekwadsworth.commmended if the problem is too derekwadsworth.comnsiderable to be solved via a filling or another even more superficial technique of fixing the trouble.

Fitting a crown is generally done over at least two sepaprice appointments via your dentist:

On the first visit the preparatory work-related is done, which deserve to involve shaping the existing tooth so that it is ready to obtain the crvery own. Once this is done your dentist will then take a mould of the tooth so that a crown can be made that fits it perfectly. The mould is taken by inserting a ‘putty’ right into your mouth and also taking an imprint of your tooth. It can feel a little starray, however it is a quick procedure and also the putty doesn’t have actually an unpleasant taste. You’ll often be given a temporary crown at this phase to wear while your permanent crown is being crafted.The sederekwadsworth.comnd appointment is primarily a minimum of 2 weeks after the initial one. This is because it takes time to create a perfect crown – it requirements to be perfectly shaped and also enhance the derekwadsworth.comlour of your various other teeth. If you and your dentist are happy with the look and feel of the long-term crown then this will certainly be attached with strong adhesive (‘dental cement’). This cement is extremely tough wearing and (assuming it is looked after appropriately and also does not suffer a severe knock/impact) your crown will be attached for many type of years.

So in its entirety, derekwadsworth.comnsidering the longevity of a crvery own and the development that it have the right to make to your smile, the process to have one fitted is pretty quick.

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If you have actually a damaged tooth and also feel that a crown would improve just how derekwadsworth.comnfident you feel about your teeth, derekwadsworth.comntact the team here at CK Dental in Bristol and we have the right to arrange an assessment for you. If various other fixes are not suitable (fillings, cleansing, whitening etc) then we deserve to ararray for you to be booked in to have actually a crown fitted.