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Sumaya Ibraheem, DDS, is a general dentist practicing in brand-new York, and a member of the American dental Association and new York State dental Association.

Dental crowns are recommended when your tooth has actually a really largefillingthat above the natural tooth structure, her tooth hadroot canal therapy, a combination of root canal therapy and a big filling, or cosmetic reasons.

prepare the tooth

A dentist crown mimics the entire visible section of the tooth, through a hollow room inside choose a cap. In order for the finished crown to fit correctly, the remaining core underneath the crown demands to be decreased to accommodate the crown ~ above top. A crown is designed come securely fit the tooth, keeping bacteria the end from under the delicate tooth structure.

Once the tooth and tissues have end up being numb, the dentist might decide to ar a rubber dam end the this involved. The rubber dam is used to catch old filling material, this structure, and also water native falling into your mouth.

Preparing the tooth because that a dentist crown entails removing very an exact amounts the the tooth and also filling product from the this that requires the crown.

During this step, the discovery of tooth degeneration underneath an old filling may occur. If the is the case, all of the decay is removed and also a composite core is put on the tooth. If her tooth has actually undergone a current root canal, a composite core may be placed also during this step.

Once the core is complete, your dentist will proceed to shape the tooth, creating a well margin about the whole core the the tooth, prefer a shelf, and continue to reduce the biting surface ar of the main point until adequate tooth and also filling have been removed.


Post-Operative accuse

Your brand-new crown to be made to stand up to the normal forces from biting, chewing, and also grinding. However, that is really important to know that crowns space not indestructible.

Once the bite is accurate and your tooth has been cleaned from any excess cement, her dentist will provide you very particular post-operative instructions because that your brand-new crown. The is necessary for you to follow this instructions come the letter.

Most special, what girlfriend eat with your brand-new crown is the biggest adjust you will certainly make due to your brand-new crown. For example, candy and nuts are really destructive come crowns and also should it is in avoided at every costs.

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If ~ a few days you notice anything unusual through your brand-new dental crown, speak to your dentist immediately to have the crown examined.