If you or a loved one have actually experienced TMJ pain and also discomfort, you may be wondering just how long these flare-ups last.

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In this blog, we’ll help you recognize what TMJ disorder is, along with causes and symptoms, for this reason you have the right to recognize the condition and also seek the best treatment options.

But first, let’s go over the basics.

What space TMJ disorders?

TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, located in the jaw. Because of a range of reasons, this share can end up being inflamed and cause discomfort and pain, called TMJ disorder.

If girlfriend think about how frequently we use this joint daily, it’s no surprised that so numerous problems have the right to occur.

So much of what we execute depends on our jaw, and when discomfort and pain collection in, it’s hard to role normally.


What are TMJ flare-ups?

TMJ flare-ups are new symptoms of your TMJ disorder or existing symptom that acquire worse.

They can impact your high quality of life, through symptoms emerging on and also off.

Symptoms include:

Jaw pain and discomfort Clicking and also locking the the jaw Warmth and also swelling the the face challenge opening mouth or chewing reduced jaw mobility Muscle spasms Toothaches Headaches Neck pains Ear pains

But that doesn’t end there. Past the pain, TMJ disorder influence daily tasks such as speaking, eating, yawning, and also sleeping.

How lengthy do TMJ flare-ups last?

TMJ flare-ups deserve to last from a pair of hrs to several days. Untreated cases of TMJ disorder can come to be chronic and also debilitating.

The size of time that TMJ flare-ups last counts on the person.

Each case is different and is figured out by the underlying cause and if any treatment is being utilized.

With proper diagnosis and also treatment, a person can minimize the duration and intensity of their TMJ flare-ups.

What causes TMJ flare-ups?

TMJ flare-ups deserve to be brought about by a range of factors. The biggest components for serious situations include:

Injury or trauma Erosion in the jaw disc or joint degradation from arthritis

Some smaller factors that can add to TMJ flare-ups include:

anxiety Posture Dehydration Hormone level Vitamin deficiencies Chewing of tough food

Unfortunately, also a small flare-up can impact the means you function!

What space some ways to relieve TMJ pain?

If you have a TMJ flare-up, you deserve to do the complying with to discover relief from your pain and discomfort:

apply heat or ice cream to the impacted area keep a soft food diet, and also avoid difficult or chewy foodstuffs Take over-the-counter ache relief options shot relaxing methods that will certainly also aid relax her facial muscles gently massage your jaw to boost blood flow and promote healing

You deserve to acquire rapid relief indigenous unbearable jaw pain, and also the over may help. Yet these suggestions are only temporary fixes. An competent TMJ dentist, favor Dr. Jess Santucci, can assist control her TMJ symptoms and prevent them from acquiring worse.


How space TMJ disorders diagnosed?

Using the latest modern technology and his professional knowledge, Dr. Santucci deserve to adequately diagnose and treat TMJ disorders.

The result? ache relief in ~ last!

As you deserve to imagine, the jaw is a very complicated part the the body, and also it’s continually in use. It’s understandable the jaw problems can quickly occur.

The an excellent news is, Dr. Santucci has actually a thorough knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry, which specializes in the alignment of the jaw.

This area of dentistry concentrates on the link between the mouth’s functionality and the body as a whole, consisting of muscles and also the nervous system.

Schedule a consultation to talk about your TMJ symptoms.

How space TMJ disorders treated?

There are 2 phases for dealing with TMJ problems.

Phase 1: Orthotic Treatment

During the very first phase the treatment, a TMJ appliance such together a mouthguard deserve to be worn to align the jaw right into its correct position. Once symptoms subside, friend can pick to continue doing the orthotic treatment, or you deserve to move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Neuromuscular Orthodontics

During the second phase the treatment, the score is to keep the jaw set on its own. After cautious examination that the jaw’s bones and muscle, Dr. Santucci will produce a practice mouth rehabilitation setup using lot of restorative and cosmetic services.

Click come learn much more about our TMJ therapies in Orinda, CA.

How deserve to TMJ flare-ups it is in controlled?

According to Verywell Health… This text opens up a brand-new tab come the Verywell health and wellness website…, through identifying and also addressing the cause of her TMJ disorder, you deserve to shorten the moment of your flare-up.

The best means to permanently store TMJ flare-ups under manage is to speak with your dentist and also get the best treatment plan.

Control your TMJ flare-ups through Dr. Santucci in Orinda, CA

Dr. Santucci is an skilled in TMJ dentistry.

We understand the pain and also discomfort native TMJ flare-ups, and by diagnosing the reason of your TMJ disorder, us can develop a successful treatment plan.

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Beyond simply treating the symptoms, Dr. Santucci will certainly find and treat the reason so the TMJ flare-ups can end up being a trouble of the past!

Don’t disregard your jaw pain. Visit Jess Santucci DDS in Orinda, offer surrounding areas of Lafayette, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, san Ramon, eastern Bay, mountain Francisco, and the SF just area.