i bought a package of Appleton Farms, hardwood smoked, sugar cured, sliced bacon around 32 hours ago & forgot to placed it in the refrigerator. The ingredients state "cured with": water, salt, sugar,sodium phosphate, salt erythorbate and sodium nitrate. The package is tho sealed. Perform you think the is safe to eat?

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Does the package to speak it demands to be preserved refrigerated? Did it come indigenous refrigerated warehouse at the store? If one of two people of these is true, then you must toss it.

Bacon deserve to be heavily smoked and cured for room-temperature storage, yet most grocery-store bacon is no this kind. Due to the nitrates/nitrates and smoking process, typical bacon must be safe at room temperature for longer than the 2 hours we give uncured meats, however 32 hrs is simply method TOO LONG.


If the package is sealed I would certainly go for it! i doubt there"s been any serious bacterial expansion with all the preservatives. Besides, girlfriend still have to cook it (well), which would kill any kind of bacteria (supposing there are any). That said, the taste/quality might be modified, however nothing to it is in concerned about (not harmful). If the doesn"t taste good, toss it.


I to be an old timer and also I am about to repeat some stories from various other old timers from as soon as I to be a youth. These folks lived most of their stays without refrigeration. Curing ham and also bacon to be a typical practice for keeping that portion of the pig. The hams and also bacon hung cured in the source cellars for months (3 and 4, 5 to be pushng it.) when retrieved because that derekwadsworth.com, if there was a small spoil on the external it was cut off down to the good meat and also cooked one eaten. They all lived right into their 90"s. Interestingly, uncured quarters of beef were tackled pretty lot the very same way. Use the smell test both before and after derekwadsworth.com.


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