Feeding our fish is a day-to-day activity that’s one of the a lot of enjoyable components of the hobby! But periodically our continuous schedule gets interrupted and also we can’t be there to store our pets complete.

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If there’s nopoint we can perform and also we need to be gone for a spell, simply exactly how long have the right to fish go without food?

How Long can Fish Go Without Food?

Many healthy aquarium fish deserve to go three days to a week without eating. However, it generally isn’t recommfinished to go more a day or 2 without feeding unless totally essential.

This number might vary based on a few factors:

How Active Are Your Fish?

How lengthy your fish have the right to go without food counts heavily on the metabolism of your fish. Smaller fish tfinish to be extremely energetic, which suggests they require more food than sreduced, larger fish.

Small, schooling predators choose Tetras and also Rasboras tend to be continually energetic. The way they dart about, nipping at one one more and also exploring their house is component of their charm!

In nature, these fish would certainly be constantly “grazing” as plankton, insect larvae, and various other food sporadically drifts by. In aquariums they obtain a big feeding all at once, which fills them up for a couple of hrs. Still, you’ll must administer food 2 or also 3 times per day for these guys!

The warmer the atmosphere, the quicker the metabolism of your fish. Many kind of tropicals, like Danios and White Cloud Minnows, have the right to additionally thrive in room temperature or cooler water.

In cooler tanks, we need to be providing them either less food per feeding or supplying food much less regularly (1-2 times per day). Any even more and you’ll run right into either fat fish or unconsumed food going to waste.

Are your fish herbivores or carnivores? Since plants tfinish to be abundant however low in nutrition, herbivores tfinish to graze continually. They require huge amounts of this lower energy food to maintain their weight. Carnivores, on the various other hand also, deserve to eat a single meal and also digest for a much longer period without eating.

How Large Are Your Fish?

Body mass is just as essential as metabolism and for many kind of fish the 2 are carefully connected. Usually speaking, bigger fish have actually sreduced metabolisms than smaller sized ones. However before, larger fish additionally need even more food to maintain their body weight than smaller sized ones, so it’s a trade-off.

As a rough dominion of thumb, bigger (adult) fish can go longer between meals than smaller sized ones. In truth, adult fish through slower metabolisms like Goldfish really only must be fed a single time per day.

Adult Goldfish are some of the simplest fish to overfeed as they will eat constantly regardless of how a lot they were fed previously. Not just does their metabolism slow-moving dvery own as they age however they are additionally cold water fish.

While you shouldn’t try to test this, the majority of fish deserve to go all over from 3 days to a week without eating before difficulties arise. In truth, it’s healthy and balanced to skip a day right here and also there, to clear their digestion and also encourage them to burn fat reserves. For little fish through faster metabolisms, you have the right to offer a single light feeding every so regularly for the exact same outcomes.

If you need to leave all of a sudden for a two-day weekend, your fish will be absolutely fine. Unmuch less they are tiny fry, which need constant feeding. But what about if you need to be ameans for more than a couple of days? It’s absolutely stressful for fish to have actually their feedings interrupted for a long period of time.

How Can I Keep My Fish Fed Throughout a Holiday?

If you have actually a much longer vacation planned, you’ll should make sure your fish are cared for in the meantime. Here are some of the a lot of widespread means to ensure your fish don’t have to go without food!

Automatic Fish Feeders

Automatic fish feeders are my tool of choice for this instance. These gadgets store all set foodstuffs in a hopper and also deserve to be programmed to dispense some as often or as bit as you wish.

I very recommfinish having an automatic feeder on hand a few days before your trip so you deserve to work the device out and ensure it operates appropriately. Some are just qualified of dispensing a solitary kind of ready food (i.e. only flakes or pellets) so select closely.


The Torlam is a much more functional version that comes through added choices for versatile operation. It can be calibrated to offer double or triple feedings at particular times of the day. For instance, you can program one to drop a little, single serving of pelallows at night for your plecos but provide a triple feeding at noon for the community.

And once you rerevolve residence, you can store the unit mounted however use the manual override button to have the pleacertain of personally feeding your fish. But must business take you ameans, the Torlam Auto Feeder will dispense food as normal.

Fish Sitters

Having a neighbor, relative, or frifinish drop by to feed your fish is one more widespread means to make sure your fish eat correctly.

Fish sitters deserve to likewise carry out things automatic feeders can’t, like rerelocate a fish that’s passed away in the time of your vacation so it doesn’t rot and also reason additionally problems. Or call you to provide updays, sfinish photos of the tank, and more.

I feel finest if my fish sitter knows something around aquariums so it’s excellent to be a part of a regional aquarium club or have a partner that knows fish! People that aren’t acquainted with fish might underfeed or a lot worse, overfeed.

A competent fish sitter have the right to likewise perdevelop tests on the pH, ammonia levels, or even dispense drugs for a sick fish.

Tright here are few worse points to go back to after a long holiday than green aquarium water, foul smells, fungus-covered food, or ich. So choose your fish sitter carefully!

Food Blocks

While they look stvariety food blocks have actually been approximately for years and also are an inexpensive, very easy method to keep your fish happy. They have the right to last weeks and also don’t need calibration or directions on how to operate!


As vacation feeders go, these assets are okay. They are absolutely the easiest way to save your fish fed over your expedition. However before, I don’t usage these myself and also I would certainly caution you if you decide to buy one for a few reasons.

Food blocks are fundamentally mineralized blocks of vegetable and pet protein. The mineral powder slows the release of nutrients right into the water. While this is a smart idea, the trouble is that the release is continuous.

Once your fish soptimal eating the dissolution process proceeds. Manufacturers try to balance this by lowering the nutritional content, which makes feeling. Except currently we’re simply providing low-top quality food to our fish. Better than nothing yet far from appropriate.

Also, many kind of fish won’t also acknowledge these blocks as food. Many community fish, like Guppies and Barbs, are pretty functional and willing to pick at anypoint.

But I would concern using among these with fish accustomed to a large mouthful of food, like Cichlids. Tetras aren’t grazers either and also can not recognize a food block. So think about your fish, their nutritional needs, and your vacation time very closely to decide whether this product is right for you.

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We’ve learned that fish have the right to go almost everywhere from 3 days to a week without eating prior to they begin to suffer. And that the exact array relies on the temperature, their dimension, metabolism, and diet.

Instead of experimentation this, it’s finest to use among the three methods detailed above to store your fish fed if you have a trip much longer than 2-3 days coming up. So safe travels and also may your fish be well fed in the meantime!