Response native Dr. Campbell:

I personally perform not make a big deal about lying down after receiving Botox injections v my patients. I just recommend that they carry out not hang upside down or aggressively massage the area wherein we treated because that the first couple of hours after ~ the injection. Essentially, we want the Botox to remain in the area whereby it was placed. This enables it to diffuse right into the muscle yarn in order to execute its role appropriately. We absolutely do not want to press or straight the Botox outside of the ar where it to be placed. The fear is the it would certainly then affect some bordering muscles together an unintended repercussion and complication.

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I have actually personally not seen a patience come back to me after having actually laid down, massaged or rubbed the area the resulted in getting a complication. Therefore, over the years, i have enabled patients to become an ext active sooner. They can resume normal tasks virtually immediately after the injection that Botox.

Botox Aftercare Do:

It’s it s okay to resume many normal activities, within reason. It’s okay, even recommended, to move the injected areas for the first hour through exaggerated facial expressions.

Botox Aftercare Don’t: 

Don’t obtain too warm during your an initial 48 hours after treatment. Avoid tanning beds, sauna, vapor rooms, vigorous exercise, hot weather and even alcohol.Don’t use makeup ideal away after treatment to save the area clean and avoid your threats of infection.Don’t use excessive pressure and or encourage increased blood circulation at the injection site. This way you have to be extra gentle as soon as cleansing or moisturizing her face, and also skip facial massages and also rolling or pulsing devices.

If you have any particular questions or want extr aftercare tips, you re welcome reach the end to your care team. Dr. Andrew is a twin board certified plastic surgeon and would love to accomplish you because that a facial therapy consultation.


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