– Дава́й встре́тимся у метро́?– Хорошо́.

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<- da-váî fstryé-teem-sya u meet-ró– ha-ra-shó>– Let’s satisfy at subway station?– Ok.

– Позвони́ мне, как вернёшься.– Ла́дно.<- pa-zva-née mnye, kak veer-nyósh-sya– lád-na>– contact me once you room back.– Ok.

– За́втра ждём вас в го́сти.– Договори́лись.<- záft-ra zhdyom vas v gós-tee– da-ga-va-rée-lees’>– Tomorrow come to visit us.– yes sir / deal.

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Listen to \"OK\" in Russian

The audio recording contains all the examples (in bold and blue) detailed above.


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every right! agreed! okay! deal!


Verb , perfective
to with an agreement, come agree

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