I know that the human being who does her nails is a "manicurista" however I don"t recognize the link for gaining a manicure. For example, if ns was supplying to pay because that my wife"s manicure, I would certainly say, "would you like to obtain a manicure" or "would you prefer to obtain your nails done". However I don"t understand the very same conjugation to ask that concern in derekwadsworth.com.

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In short, you would use hacerse together an auxiliary verb, pretty lot in the same method you use the verb come get.

To enhance Gorpik"s and also Ustanak"s answers, I"d favor to include a pair of ideas:

Unsurprisingly —for foreign words—, both the noun and also its gender change depending on the region, therefore you have:

Hacerse la manicura in Spain. (Thanks CarlosAlejo)Hacerse la manicure in Chile. Pronounced : the closest one can acquire to the French pronunciation v derekwadsworth.com phonetics, ns think.Hacerse el manicure in Colombia. (Thanks Nicholas J.)

We have actually no particular verb for the in derekwadsworth.com; we"d quite use hacer la manicura. Both your English options have an easy translation:

Would you favor to acquire a manicure? --> ¿Quieres que dare hagan la manicura?

Would you favor to gain your nails done? --> ¿Quieres que te hagan ras uñas?

Notice the in derekwadsworth.com we tend to use the passive form less than in English. This are good examples wherein we would usage an active impersonal building and construction rather than the English passive.



I think there"s no expression come verbalise manicure.

The way of asking this, will certainly regionally depend on how human being refer to the action.

¿Te gustaría que se car adornen/pinten ras uñas?

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