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How to say milk in French: lait

Learning French for take trip or study? Let’s shot this term:

To to speak milk in French: laitSay it out loud: “lay

You deserve to learn exactly how to say milk and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use French language cheat sheets. Us can aid you do your following trip to one more country even more fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some more helpful native in our French Diet Considerations category:

bread – ache (pah)celiac – coeliaque (seal ee ack)cheese – fromage (frow mahj)dairy – laitiers (let ee ay)eggs – œufs (oof)gluten-free – sans gluten (sahn gloo ten)I am vegan – je suis végétalien (jhuh soo vee jhuh high ee in)I am vegetarian – je suis végétarien (jhuh soo vee jhuh tear ee in)I don"t eat… – je ne mange pas du (jheh nuh mahn jhuh pah doo)kosher – kascher (kaa shair)meat – viande (vee ahnd)milk – lait (lay)nuts – noix (no ah)organic – bio (byoh)sugar – sucre (sook)wheat – blé (blee)

And here’s exactly how to to speak milk in other languages!

Arabic–Haleeb (ha leeb)Chinese–Niúnǎi (Nyou Nai)Croatian–mlijeko (mlee yay koh)Czech–mleko (mle ko)Finnish–maito (my toh)French–lait (lay)German–milch (meelsh)Italian–latte (lah tay)Japanese–Gyuunyuu (Gyoo Nyoo)Korean–Uyu (Ooh Yoo)Polish–mleko (mle" ko)Portuguese–Leite (lay chee)Russian–moloko (mah lah koh)Spanish–leche (lay chay)Swahili–maziwa (mah zee wah)Thai–Nom (nohm)Turkish–süt (soot)Vietnamese–Sữa (Suu-Uh)

Would you favor "milk" (lait) or cream in your coffee or tea? What else would certainly you like to improve a cup of her favorite beverage? learn all about them v our instant access to the French Language Set.

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