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There room three significant pronunciations the Genghis cannes that I"ve heard. One of them entails a various spelling adjust too. I prefer the one wherein g sounds choose a j together in joy. Which do you prefer?

I"ve just heard of (phonetically):Gen-gisandChen - giz.I"m so supplied to listening Genghis v a hard G that for me the is his name.
I spell that Genghis Khan and also pronounce it Chengiz Khan.How execute you world pronounce Khan? Kan or khan as the ch in German "achtung"?

I spell the Genghis Khan and pronounce it Chengiz Khan.How do you human being pronounce Khan? Kan or khan as the ch in German "achtung"?
I think officially in the mongolic language it"s IPA: (in other words, the German achtung thingy), however all English speakers basically say "kan"


"Chinngis" is the method it is pronounced and also spelt in Mongolia. I understand this from mine in depth research into the country and its society when I went to some year ago, and because this is just how it is spelt top top the beer cans.

In classic Mongolian, it"s created as Chinggis Hagan. Contemporary Mongolian autumn the g in Hagan and pronounce it as Haan. The cyrillic assignment of the Khalkha(Mongolia) together is Чингис хаан. I beg your pardon in Latin transcription, need to be Chingis Haan.
Here it"s different, it"s composed Džingiskan (dʒingiskɑn), which leaves no space for false pronunciation.

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