Having a language dispute with my guy, i say "how execute you mean?" and also he states "what do you mean?" when we dont recognize eachother. Is one an ext right 보다 the other?


They're both right. "What" is an ext common but I listen "How" too. Plus "how" offers the impression that you understood but you just need an ext context. I favor that the feels much less aggressive.

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In English it's "what perform you mean". With "how carry out you mean" I obtain what you're trying come say, but sounds off and may it is in a straight translation from another language, which makes it sound exactly to you

I gain that girlfriend all desire to be anti-prescriptivist, however let's be helpful to OP right here -- in the vast bulk of English dialects, "how execute you mean" sound terribly awkward on that own. "What carry out you mean" is the correct answer here.

Nope. Not at all. "How do you mean" has actually a distinctly different meaning. As /u/eriksealander said, it's softer. It's prefer saying "I'm certain you're right, but I don't acquire how you concerned that conclusion".

"What execute you mean" would certainly come increase in a context where you're daunting a human (although not exclusively), while "how execute you mean" never ever would. It's additionally why how is much less common, it's not as versatile, yet if it's the definition you want, the avoids possible misunderstandings. The sport "How carry out you figure?" is in in between the two, it indicates some skepticism, whereas "How execute you mean?" doesn't, while still not being an active challenge of what to be said.

They typical the same thing in general. In fact, I supplied to it is in a "what" person, yet now usage "how". In one sense, utilizing "how" sound (to mine ear) a little more formal and also educated. And also "how" has among its subtle definitions "in what way" or "by what manner", when "what" is the thing of the meaning, the certain thing meant. Utilizing "what" points to a particular object the the meaning, utilizing "how" more implies the all at once condition that the meaning.

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Probably Engilsh is a second language because that this person. Prepositions space a large source of errors, even for natives.


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