Texas is a state situated in the South central region of the United states of America, whereas Sweden is a Nordic country located in northern Europe. Today in this article, us will comment on the comparison between the U.S. State Texas and Sweden regarding miscellaneous aspects.

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Is Texas bigger 보다 Sweden?The total area of Texas is 268,596 sq mi, and the complete area of Sweden is 173,860 sq mi. Texas is bigger 보다 Sweden by 94,736 sq mi. Texas is around 1.54 times bigger than Sweden.Area that Texas: 268,596 sq mi ( 695,662 km2 )

Area of Sweden: 173,860 sq mi ( 450,295 km2 )


According come the United says Census office data, the total population of Texas as of 2019 was approximated to be about 29 Million.

Based ~ above the Worldometer elaboration of the recent United countries data, the current populace of Sweden as of 3rd June 2021, is 10,157,542.
Here is some more data comparison in between Texas and also Sweden.The capital city that Texas is Austin,
and the funding city of Sweden is Stockholm.

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Official LanguagesTexas: No official language, however English is the primary spoken language.Sweden: SwedishHuman advancement IndexHDI the Texas as of 2018: 0.909HDI that Sweden as of 2019: 0.945
Texas Timezone:UTC − 6 (Central Time Zone)UTC − 7 (Mountain Time Zone)Summer (DST):UTC − 5 (Central Daylight Time)UTC − 6 (Mountain Daylight Time)
Sweden Timezone: UTC + 1 (Central europe Time)UTC + 2 (Central european Summer Time)Geological Coordinates
Coordinates of Texas:31° 28′ 32.52″ N, 99° 19′ 52.32″ WCoordinates the Sweden:63° 0′ 0″ N, 16° 0′ 0″ EYou may also like to read:

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