Are stuffed animals taking over? This DIY stuffed animal zoo is the perfect equipment for storing those furry friends! get the totally free plans and start building!

Our kid is OBSESSED with Pokemon, and also has amassed fairly the collection of Pokemon stuffed animals. It"s gained out the control! This DIY stuffed animal zoo contains them every in one compact spot, and also makes cleaning up fun! I"ve created totally free woodworking plans therefore you can make your own!

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There are lots of variations that the stuffed pet zoo all over the internet, due to the fact that it"s so straightforward to customize to fit your space. Ours son"s room is tiny, so mine version has actually a very tiny footprint the extends vertically approximately the top of his IKEA Kura bed.

We contact this stuffed animal zoo the "Pokemon Center" since it residences his substantial collection that Pokemon plushes. He might be a small spoiled. 😉 The Pokemon theme proceeds with the DIY Pokeball rug and also framed posters ns made together well!

Materials required for DIY Stuffed animal Zoo

Two 2x2 boards (the straightest ones you can find!)Two 1x3 board (I provided pre-primed boards)

How to build aStuffed animal Zoo

Cut the Pieces

You desire to start with the straightest 2 x 2 boards you deserve to find. Ns went with the whole pile at home Depot trying to find ones the weren"t warped, twisted or had lots of knots. For the 1 x 3"s, I supplied pre-primed boards, since they have tendency to be straighter and also saves me a step!

The stuffed animal zoo dimensions room 18" square and also 45 1/2" tall. You can change these dimensions to fit your space!

2 x 2 boards cut to 45 1/2" - cut 41 x 3 boards reduced to 18" - cut 41 x 3 boards reduced to 16 1/2" - cut 4

Assemble The 2 Sides

Predrill two countersink holes into the ends of the 16 1/2" lengthy 1 x 3 piece so the the screw heads will certainly rest listed below the surface. You can learn more about how to countersink screws here. Then affix the 1 x 3 piece to the 2 x 2 boards v 1 3/4" lengthy screws, making sure everything is square.

Repeat because that the bottom. Be sure to measure up the diagonal in both direction to inspect for square. If the two dimensions match, it"s perfect!

Attach Connecting Pieces

Set each side ~ above its edge with the 1 x 3 boards encountering outward. Clamp the 18" lengthy 1 x 3s throughout the top and bottom to organize them in place.

There"s not a entirety lot the room in a 2 x 2 for every those screws, so strategic placement is important! In order to prevent the screws currently inside, ns only provided one screw in the center as presented below.

Fill Holes and Paint

If you"re going for a rustic feel, you have the right to leave the screws exposed and also stain the whole piece (don"t usage pre-primed board if you desire to stain it). I wanted a cleaner look, for this reason Ifilled the countersunkholes v wood filler, climate sanded the smooth when dry. I primed the 2 x 2"s, then painted the DIY stuffed pet zoowith 2 coats that semi-glosswhite paint.

Attach Screw Eyes

These screw eyes store the "bars" of the stuffed animal zoo evenly spaced, if also enabling the bungee cord come stretch and also retract. Mark the location on the within of the 1 x 3 plank 4 1/2" in from each side, and also 1 1/4" down from the top.

Drill a small pilot hole at each of these spots, however don"t go too far into the wood or you"ll pop the end the various other side! ns screwed the eye in through hand, positioning the bottom ones horizontally and also the top ones vertically.

Tie the shock cord to one of the bottom eyes, climate thread it through both that the height eyes prior to bringing it ago down top top the various other side. This allows for much more give as soon as pulling personal the bars and also looks nicer from the top.

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Pull the shock cord until it is taut enough to host the playthings in place prior to tying turn off the end. I cut the knots a tiny long to make it easier to adjust if the shock cords stretch out over time. The ends will be spanned up by all the stuffed pets anyway!

For the finishing touch, I applied the Pokemon logo to the top.You can personalize it with your child"s name, or just stencil "Zoo" if friend prefer.

Fill it up!

I enlisted the aid of my boy to round up every his Pokemon plush toys to to fill up his new stuffed animal storage zoo. I never ever realized quite how many he had actually until we placed them all together prefer this! guess he yes, really does need to record them all!

The "bars" that the stuffed pet zoo keep them all from tumbling out. The stretchy bungee cords make it simple to different the bars and grab the one you"re feather for. The tiny guys like to escape, yet we simply toss them earlier in until they discover a safe spot!

Want much more Pokemon bedroom ideas?These Pokeball magnetic curtain tie backs would certainly be perfect for any type of budding Pokemon trainer"s bedroom!

The Pokeball rug you check out in front of the stuffed animal zoo cage is an IKEA throw rug that i painted!


Even his wall surface posters are Pokemon themed! check out exactly how to structure a poster for less than $10!