Ah, the elusive G-spot. If it may be tricky to hit throughout sex, and the research around it has actually some conflict results, the consensus seems come be the stimulating it can feel really good. And so, to streamline the whole trial-and-error process, it have the right to be extremely beneficial to know the actual best G-spot sex positions.

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First of all, if you don’t understand where the G-spot is, it’s situated on the anterior (aka the side under your ship button) wall of the vagina, around two inches in, follow to Vanessa Martin, a mountain Francisco-based sex therapist. “It responds come firm, regular pressure,” she explains. Follow to a study carried out in 2018 by the Turkish newspaper of Obstetrics and Gynecology on the presence of the G-spot, the intimate area is densely packed with nerves, which way it’s extra-sensitive when touched.

That said, it have the right to still be complicated to uncover the hotspot once you’re in the center of a cook romp in the bedsheets. Not just that, but, according to Martin, not all sex positions were developed equal as soon as it concerns stimulating the G-spot. Well, she in luck: save scrolling for intel on how to hit the G-spot the following time you have actually sex.

1. Doggy Style


How to execute it: gain on her hands and knees, and have your partner go into you from behind while they kneel.

Why it works: Doggy layout is maybe the best position because that hitting the G-spot. It"s a an excellent sex place that stimulates the clitoris, which have the right to be done with your hand. Also, your partner’s prick (or your vibrator) is normally tilted slightly downwards due to the alignment of your bodies, and it rubs appropriate up against the G-spot together a result. Even if you’re not a huge G-spot fan, yes sir no suggesting that this position feels incredible.

Variations to try: There are so numerous fun means to play around with doggy style! depending on how your heights match up, you deserve to put part pillows under your knees. You deserve to spread your legs more apart, or pull them closer together. Or you can kneel on the bed and have your companion stand behind you.

You have the right to also readjust the positioning of your arms to adjust the angle of penetration. You deserve to place castle closer or additional from your legs, or can shot getting down onto her forearms instead.

You can likewise experiment with the depth of thrusting. Since the G-spot is pretty close to the entrance of the vagina, shallow thrusting have the right to be immensely pleasurable. If your companion gets close to orgasm before you do, they can pull out and also rub your G-spot v their finger in the very same position.

2. Legs Up


How to perform it: gain into missionary position. Have actually your companion sit up so that they"re crouching on your knees. Lift your legs increase one at a time and rest her ankles on your shoulders.

Why the works: This place creates yes, really deep, powerful penetration. Having actually your body bent over backwards renders it less complicated for your companion to hit the G-spot.

Variations to try: If you’re no super flexible, girlfriend can shot wrapping her legs around your partner"s waist instead of going every the method up to their shoulders. Or you can have one leg on your shoulder and also resting your various other foot level on the bed. Your partner can likewise experiment v sitting much more upright matches leaning forward and also bending girlfriend over also more.

3. Top top Top


How to execute it: have your companion lean back against the headboard, the couch, or a wall, propped up through some pillows behind their back so that their human body is at a 45-degree angle. Straddle them, with one leg on either end of their hips, and lower down onto them. Her partner deserve to lift their knees as much as make it feeling even an ext intimate.

Why it works: being on top gives you manage over the stimulation, and allows you to find the angle that works finest for her G-spot. When your companion is sit up a bit, their cock or strap-on is pushed earlier towards their body, which help it rub up against the anterior wall of her vagina.

Variations to try: This place is all about finding the edge that functions for her bodies. Have your partner experiment v sitting up or leaning ago more. You have the right to also try tilting earlier a bit, which will create an ext friction against your G-spot (just be cautious not to lean too far, or you’ll danger bending your penis!).

You can likewise experiment v the type of penetration the you choose best. Shot grinding against them, rocking her hips back and forth slowly. Then shot pulling your body straight up and also down vertically. Next, shot rising up on your knees and also lowering you yourself so that only the first few inches the their dick enter you.

4. Spooning


How to perform it: have actually both of girlfriend lie on your sides, dealing with the exact same direction. Early stage penetration can be a little tricky in this position, so you may need come raise her leg, change the edge of her bodies, or perform some wriggling around. Lube helps too!

Why that works: once your companion is behind you, their prick or strap-on is able come rub best up against your G-spot. This is a less intense position and also can permit the 2 of girlfriend to feel close and also connected, as well as take her time acquiring the angle just right.

Variations to try: You can try bending in ~ the belt so that you’re tilted slightly away from them. You deserve to also shot pulling your legs further apart or closer together. You can even entwine her legs v theirs to give you an ext leverage and also a tighter fit.

5. X point out The Spot


How to perform it: First, uncover a bed or table the is around at hip height for your partner. Hop up onto the surface and lower down onto your back, v your foot draping end the edge. Have actually them stand in between your legs, then lift her legs into the air and also cross them end each various other so the they do an X. You have the right to balance her ankles on their shoulders, or they have the right to hold her legs versus their body.

Why that works: Crossing your legs create a really tight fit the is certain to please! Being flat on your ago also enables the herbal upward curvature of an erection or vibrator to stroke right against your G-spot.

Variations come try: You can try resting your feet flat versus their chest, or wrapping your legs around their waist.

They can adjust the angle of penetration by putting something under her butt, pulling your legs increase further, or squatting under a tiny so the your companion thrusts up into you. Lock can additionally experiment with deep thrusting versus shallow thrusting.

6. The modified Doggy Style

How to perform it: start off in doggy style, and also have her partner get in you from behind. Progressively lower yourself until you’re flat on her stomach. They must follow in addition to you, remaining inside you the whole time.

Why that works: This place hits all the right angles! yes a great feeling of being completely enveloped.

Variations to try: they can adjust the edge by resting on your forearms or sitting up a little on your knees. Girlfriend can try spreading your legs additional apart or bringing lock closer together.

You deserve to also shot placing a pillow under her hips to create an ext of a downward-thrusting activity for them.

As girlfriend experiment through each of these positions, try to psychic to have actually fun! It’s easy to get recorded up in your pursuit to situate the G-spot, and also figuring out precisely how to hit the G-Spot, yet you’ll gain yourself a lot much more if you keep your focus on what feels good for your bodies.

7. Wheelbarrow

How to execute it: The receiving companion will be dealing with away from their partner, through the penetrating partner holding your legs increase in the air and entering them from behind.

Why it works: According to Janielle Bryan, MPHM, CHES, a public health practitioner and professor, the unconventional angle of the wheelbarrow position can make that the perfect position to fight the G-spot, which isn’t always easily accessible in the positions that you may be much more used come trying.

Variations come try: The wheelbarrow may test the boundaries of your upper body strength, therefore if you’re having actually trouble, lower yourself onto her elbows, fairly than holding yourself up with your arms.

8. Missionary Hook

How to do it: On her back, hook your feet and ankles about the foot of your partner so you have the right to pull castle closer. Your partner should proactively lift their hips and also press your pelvis right into you, states Dolly Josetee, a sexological body worker and intimacy coach well-known as the satisfied Muse.

Why the works: This position slightly adjusts the edge of penetration, do it more likely the your partner’s cock or strap-on will hit her G-Spot.

Variations come try: This position have the right to really be made in the tempo that the strokes. Due to the fact that the G-spot responds fine to friction, try moving slow and also steady, rather than quickly in and also out.

9. Scissor Screw

How to do it: While lied opposite of your partner, ar their legs in between yours. Through this leverage, girlfriend should be able to move her pelvis right into your partner more deeply and use her thighs to add more pressure to your clitoris.

Why the works: Josette states that the added pressure to her vulva and clitoris will aid keep all your erectile tissue stimulated, so that penetration is even much more likely come hit her G-spot.

Variations come try: While it might be an ext comfortable doing this place lying down, if the elevation difference between you and your partner allows for it, try doing the while standing. You’ll be able to get even an ext pressure native grinding into your partner’s leg.

As girlfriend experiment v each of this positions, try to remember to have fun. It’s straightforward to get recorded up in your pursuit to situate the G-spot, but you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you store your focus on what feels great for you and also your partner’s bodies.

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This write-up was originally published on July 15, 2015. It to be updated on September 4, 2019.

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