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Chad:How go we get from the peak of the WorldTo the bottom that the heap?Taylor:I don"t recall girlfriend mentioningThe ceo is such a creepZeke:We still have the ingredient toMake this summer sweetMartha:Well, I got rags rather of richesJason:And every these dirty dishesAll:Just great I had three wishesGabriella:(Okay guys, break it up)Troy:We"ve acquired to work, workTo occupational this outWe"ll make things right,The sun will shineIf we work, workThere"ll it is in no doubtWe have the right to still save the summerIf we occupational this out!Chad:(Dude, what have you gained us into?)Troy:(Come on, we can totallyTurn this point around)Chad:I"d rather challenge a seven footerStraight up in the postTaylor:That sure beats hangin" hereTaylor & Martha:And burn someone"s toast.Mmhhmmm...Jason:I needed Benjamins, butThis ain"t precious the stressKelsi:Maybe there"s a better wayTo settle this greasy messTroy:We"re a champion team,A well-oiled machine,And we"ve challenged tougherProblems than this.I recognize it"s a grind, butI"m certain we have the right to findA method to have fun whileWe obtain this task done.We"ve got to work, workTo job-related this outTroy and also Gabriella:We"ll make points rightThe sunlight will shineIf us work, workThere"ll it is in no doubtIf we all come togetherWe have the right to work things outZeke, Kelsi, troy & Gabriella:If we job-related this out!!Troy:(Let"s work it!)InstrumentalTroy:Tell me what you wantGabriella:Tell me what friend needZeke:A small bit of sugarMartha:A little bit of butterKelsi:It"s the perfect recipe!All:Pay day!Jason:It"ll taste therefore sweetAll:Pay Day!Zeke:Good sufficient to eatJason:Gonna do some motion picturesMartha:Hit the mall through all mine sistersZeke:Get ticket to the Knicks and SixersKelsi:Kick it through the music mixersChad:Buy a ride the suits mine styleTaylor:Lounge roughly the swimming pool a whileTroy:Make a date with my favorite girlTroy & Gabriella:We"ve gained it made!All:We"ve gained to work, workTo job-related this outWe"ll make points right,The sun will shineIf us work, workThere"ll it is in no doubtWe can still conserve the summerIf we occupational this out!Work This!Gotta work-related This!We have the right to work this out!