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Herpes gingivostomatitis (say "JIN-juh-voh-stoh-muh-TY-tus") is a viral infection, brought about by the same virus together cold sores or fever blisters. But in this case, the sores space inside the mouth and down the throat. It most frequently happens the first time your kid is infected v this virus. Later on outbreaks top top the lips or inside the mouth are referred to as cold sores. The sores space painful. The pain deserve to make it difficult for your son to eat and drink. Your boy may additionally have a fever.

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The sores and also swelling will go far on their own in 1 to 2 weeks.

Your child may need come stay home from daycare or institution until the sores and also swelling space gone. That"s due to the fact that the infection is quickly spread come others. Kids can spread out it v their saliva (drool) come items together as toys or cups. Castle can additionally spread it come others with touch throughout play.

Your child may be grumpy, fussy, and also restless since of the pain. There space things you have the right to do at residence that may help.

Follow-up care is a vital part of her child"s treatment and safety. Be certain to make and also go to all appointments, and also call your medical professional or nurse contact line if your child is having problems. It"s likewise a good idea to recognize your child"s check results and keep a perform of the medicines your son takes.

How deserve to you care for your son at home?

Be safe with medicines. Read and also follow every instructions ~ above the label. If the doctor gave your kid a prescription medicine for pain, provide it as prescribed.If your son is no taking a prescription ache medicine, questioning your doctor if her child deserve to take one over-the-counter medicine.Do not give aspirin to anyone younger than 18. It has actually been linked to Reye syndrome, a severe illness.Watch for and treat indications of dehydration, which way that the body has actually lost too much water. Your child"s mouth may feel an extremely dry. He or she may have sunken eye with few tears once crying. Your boy may absence energy and also want come be hosted a lot. That or she might not urinate as regularly as usual.Give your kid flavoured ice cream pops. These may assist prevent dehydration and help the mouth feel better.Give your son soft, bland food that may be much less painful to chew and also swallow.Avoid acidic drinks, such together orange juice.Keep her child"s towels and also other objects away from various other members that your household while her child has actually sores.

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