My dad and I are going come his cousins wedding and neither of united state want to go. I love my 2nd cousin, but I need to be the stupid flower girl and I yes, really don't want to go. Weddings space fun, until all the older relatives shot to speak to you around boys, future plans, and also crap choose that. It's so annoying. My dad doesn't desire to go, because he's worried something poor might happen and Captain man won't be over there to prevent it. It's no that that doesn't to trust Henry come take care of it, but he's concerned he won't it is in able to assist him.

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The sprocket opened and also my dad come stumbling the end of it, carrying his large mattress.

"Wow..." ns muttered.

"What is he..."

"Ray, what are you doing with that mattress?" Henry asked together my dad stumbled down the stairs with it.

"I'm acquisition it on ours trip!" that grunted.

"They're not gonna permit you take it a mattress on a plane." I informed my dad and he sighed.

"Yeah, you're right." that dropped that on the ground and exhaled. "Maybe Bella and also I shouldn't go."

My dad rushes over to the monitor and checks it.

"See, i knew it!" Henry said and we went as much as him.

"Dad, us can't miss your cousin's wedding." ns tell him. "I don't desire to go and be the dumb flower girl, yet we can't punch it off."

My dad turned come us. "I know! yet most marriages don't work-related out! We'll simply go to his following wedding!"

"Woah! Woah! Okay! Okay!" Henry exclaimed, preventing my dad native leaving. "Just recognize that you're fear to leaving town, since you don't think me, Charlotte, and also Schwoz can't handle things right here without you and Bella."

"What if there's an emergency?" my dad objected.

"Then I'll blow a bubble and Kid peril will resolve it." Henry answered, taking out his gum container.

"What if friend suddenly acquire that disease...Nu-Numb Tongue?!" my dad reasoned and I rolling my eyes. "And friend can't blow a bubble?!"

"Numb tongue?" Henry asked.

"That's not a actual disease!" Charlotte reasoned and also the elevator doors opened. "People don't simply talk normally one second and then all of a sudden start going- blah, blah, blah!" Charlotte do noises like her tongue to be numb and also Schwoz come up behind her.

"Uh-oh. Walk she have actually Numb Tongue?"

"See!" my dad pointed and I shook my head.

"Hey." Schwoz said and also checked his watch. "Shouldn't you and also Bella it is in on your method to the airport?"

"Yes, us should." i say and grab mine dad's arm.

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"Yes!" Charlotte and Henry both say and also pull my dad to the elevator.

"Okay! Woah! Woah!" my dad stopped us and also I picked up my bag. "I require my suitcase! Bork!"

The sprocket opened and Bork walked out through a huge blue chest and also I sighed.