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I was reading the thread around Kendrick Lamar"s sister"s teen pregnancy story and one point that disturbed me is the child"s father want her to have actually his baby. I"ve heard too countless stories around women being flattered as soon as a male asks you to have actually his baby marital relationship proposal in sight??? i feel like that"s a collection up for reproductive abuse. I"m not a connection guru and also I"ve made plenty of dumb mistakes date men however the time a man told me he want me to have actually his baby, however didn"t want to get married me i knew it was time come go. It actually hurt my feelings that a guy was okay v impregnating me however not making a lengthy term and also binding commitment to progressive this son together. I think the usage of reproductive abuse to control women is not talked around as much. Why do y"all think guys do this? Why do you think women and also girls discover this an acceptable and also even romantic statement?Here"s the Kendrick Lamar object btw:

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Depends on the situation.Its hot when he says it in the heat of moment right prior to the huge finish however he"s put on a condom and you"re top top the pill.It"s gross if he claims it in the center of continuous conversation or do the efforts to choose you up. Ns remember gift a teen and also having grown Ass men come as much as me and also say I desire you have to my baby

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I"m not a man, however I think recognize some men use a baby together a way to control a woman. Now I don"t know why some women fall for that ish
:My advice to any kind of woman the end there is to operation for the hills if a man fuckboi brings up having actually kids before he mentions marriage. He"s letting you know ahead of time that he just wants to tree his seeds then move on come the next.

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It"s just talking game. You speaking around a baby but nothing around marriage and also taking treatment of me? They use the infant to make you think castle love you. Have you thinking, "OMG he choose ME to carry HIS seed!! "They use it as a way to control. Having actually a child does adjust your dating options forever. You have to work approximately the child. Some men are egotistical. Lock honestly think your sperm is wonderful and God"s gift come the universe. They treatment nothing about raising the child and also providing but just creating babies.

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Creepy together hell.Just as creepy as as soon as a guy tells you he loves you and y"all have only been talk for 2 weeks.

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it might be reproductive abuse, or simply plain carelessness (in that thread the girl was a minor and also the father not lot older, so i would certainly say the second). Periodically it"s children repeating the behavior of their parents or enlarge people approximately them.​
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If a guy tells you the without the cite of marital relationship it"s since he to know he can obtain away with not gift a responsible parent, screwing friend from time to time v no commitment and walking in and out of her life.