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Catch me in the mallYou recognize I buy it out.G5 planes, yeah ns fly that out.Nigga"s in the earlier look favor LexIn lock 28"s andOh girlfriend can"t gain her ifAin"t acquired plenty cake.Atl Georgia... Booty"sLook prefer this size23 waist, nice faceThick thighs.I can do it bigI deserve to do that longI can do at any time or howeverYou wantI can do that up and also downI can do the circlesTo him I"m a gymnastThis ring is my circusI sector it therefore goodThey can"t wait to try I i I IMe e e a aI job-related it therefore goodMan, this nigga"sTrying come buy ns I ns I meThey love they method I ride that (x3)They love the means I journey the beatHow i ride the beat, i ride itThey love they way I ride that (x3)They love the method I journey the beatLike a motherfucking freakAnd i won"t stop, don"t stop.Get it! acquire it!Imma pitch down the middleBaby hit it! struggle it!I carry out it to him like it"s mmm mmm goodHandle my business, choose a huge girl should1 o"clock, 2 o"clock3 o"clock, 4...5 o"clock, 6 o"clockBaby provide me more.Pick me up, choose me up.You space my Ducati, I"m every up her frameBaby say my name.Show friend how gain ummm,Show you just how to carry out it.Left hip, best hipBut your back into the ohhhhI sector it for this reason goodThey can"t wait to try I i I IMe e e a aI work-related it therefore goodMan, this nig**sTrying come buy i I i I meHe love they means I ride it (x3)He love the method I ride the beatRide journey the beat, how I journey it.He love they method I ride that (x2)He love the means I journey the beatLike a motherfucking freakShe journey it choose a roller-coaster.Soon as I get her to the height she screams.I placed her out favor a light,She"ll be out for the nightWhen she head struggle the pillows sweet dreamsWake she up around 30 minute later,Calling me the terminator, let"s walk againRed zone, imma gain her an initial downCall me luda trueBreeze ns throw it in.Touch down, the scores,Ludacris the mvpWith a rack favor that and also a ago like thatCici much better cc me.Cause them legs just keep ~ above goingSo ns gotta put her come bed.Let the 808 thump, and also the walk bumpCause she drive it favor a thoroughbredHe love they means I ride the (x3)He love the means I ride the beatLike a motherfucking freakOhh infant baby babyDo me like you up once I"m upWhen I"m down, once I"m downOhh baby baby babyYou have the right to stand come look away whenI"m whirling this around.Oh baby bay you prefer itOnce it gain up and down.Oh infant he love it whenI twirl this thing aroundHe love they way I ride it (x3)He love the means I journey the beatLike a motherfucking freak