“He laughs in ~ fear, fear of nothing. He does not shy far from the sword…In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground. The cannot stand still once the trumpetsounds.”

Colorado housewife and also mother coin Chenery agrees come take end her aging father’s Virginia-based meadow Stables, in spite of her lack of horse-racing knowledge. V the aid of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin, Chereny goes right into the male-dominated business, at some point fostering the very first Triple Crown winner in 25 years and one the the best racehorses of every time.

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When penny learns of she mother’s death she decides to go back to her childhood home. She reunites through her father’s secretary, Mrs. Ham, and also comforts she confused and elderly father. At her mother’s funeral, penny meets Arthur “Bull” Hancock and also his son, Seth Hancock, of Claiborne farm in Kentucky. The Hancocks offer her any help she may need throughout her initiatives to brink meadow Stables earlier into business. Penny’s brothers Hollis tells she of a corrupt sale the was about to it is in made through the trainer till their mom stopped him. Coin fires the trainer and also asks Bull Hancock to assist her find a brand-new trainer. He recommends Lucien Laurin, one aging French Canadian, that at first turns down Penny’s offer.

Penny’s father had made a deal with leading owner Ogden Phipps the if Phipps each other his ideal stallion Bold leader with Chenery’s two finest mares Somethingroyal and also Hasty Matelda, each owner flips a coin to watch who receives i m sorry foal. Bold ruler was fast yet couldn’t last over distances. Hasty Matelda is the obvious selection due to her young age, however Somethingroyal’s bloodline is consisted of of steeds with great stamina. Penny really hopes that she can pick Somethingroyal’s foal due to the exciting mixture of stamina and speed. Phipps wins Hasty Matelda, and also Penny wins Somethingroyal’s foal, who she surname Secretariat.

When Secretariat enters his first race in ~ Aqueduct gyeongju track in new York, everyone has high expectations. The jockey, Paul Feliciano, is young with small experience, which concerns Penny. Throughout the race, Secretariat is struggle by other horses and also comes in fourth. Penny and Lucien argue around the race and Lucien blames Paul because that the loss. Penny realizes the the only way Secretariat can win is if he has actually an skilled jockey.

Penny quickly hires skilled jockey Ron Turcotte to ride Secretariat to plenty of victories. Secretariat is named steed of the year after ~ a effective two-year-old season. Penny’s dad suffers a stroke and dies quickly afterward, leave Penny and her brother Hollis come inherit the estate. Back she needs six million dollars to salary estate taxes, coin refuses to offer Secretariat.


In order to save the estate, coin sells 32 share worth much more than six million dollars, as lengthy as Secretariat deserve to win a three-year-old street race. She attempts to offer a share come Ogden Phipps, who rather offers come buy the steed for 7 million dollars. Coin refuses to offer him and tells Phipps that Secretariat’s value will triple when he wins the Triple Crown, a challenge no steed has accomplished in twenty-five years. Throughout this time, frank “Pancho” Martin, trainer of rival equine Sham, tries to make a enhance race v Secretariat.

Secretariat is taken to the timber Memorial 3 weeks prior to the very first of the Triple Crown races to take on Sham. Turcotte notices the Secretariat is breathing heavy, the refuses to eat, and is wake up to enable the bit into his mouth. After ~ Secretariat loses the race, one abscess in his mouth is discovered what may have actually caused the bad performance. With the Kentucky Derby coming up coin is praying the Secretariat it s okay better. On the job of the race he finally eats his breakfast and also shows the is ready to race. That goes on to win the Derby and also the Preakness in record time, and then wins the Belmont through 31 lengths to secure the Triple Crown.

Secretariat is just one of my favourite movies simply because it shows that anything yes, really is possible. Over there is nothing much more I have the right to really say about the film due to the fact that it is for this reason powerful…therefore ns will avoid here.

On march 30, 1970, Somethingroyal foaled a bright-red chestnut colt with 3 white socks and also a star through a narrow blaze. By the time the young colt to be a yearling he to be still unnamed. Meadow Stable’s secretary, Elizabeth Ham, had actually submitted 5 names come the Jockey society but every one of them were denied. The 6th submission was finally the one, a name Ham herself choose – “Secretariat”.

Secretariat prospered to it is in a large chestnut colt and was offered the nickname, “Big Red”, due to the fact that of it. That raced in Chenery’s grassland Stable’s blue and also white checkered colors and also his groom to be Eddie Sweat. Sweat to be the human being who spent the most time through Secretariat over the period of his lifetime. Secretariat stood roughly 16.2 hands tall and weighed 1,175 pounds, v a 75-inch girth in his racing prime.

Secretariat is one of the best Thoroughbred racehorses of all time. In 1973 he came to be the first U.S. Triple Crown champion in 25 years. He collection race documents for all 3 events in the series – the Kentucky Derby (1:59.4), the Preakness crest (1:53), and the Belmont crest (2:24) – all of these records still was standing today. He is considered to be one of the biggest Thoroughbreds of every time. In 1999, ESPN ranked Secretariat the 35th finest athlete of the 20th century, the greatest ranking racehorse ~ above the list. The ranked second behind guy o’ battle in The Blood-Horse’s perform of the optimal 100 U.S. Racehorses that the 20th century.

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In the end Secretariat sired about 600 foals. He turned out to it is in a very great broodmare sire as result of the reality that he lugged the “x-factor”, a trait attached to a big heart and carried only on the X chromosome, which is why Secretariat can only pass it ~ above via his daughters. Secretariat died on October 4, 1989 in ~ the age of 19. A necropsy revealed that his heart was bigger than the of an typical horse. Later, the very same vet also performed a necropsy ~ above Sham. The vet weighed Sham’s heart and also it was 18 pounds. Having actually performed necropsies ~ above both horses, he estimated that Secretariat’s heart most likely weighed 22 pounds, or around two-and-three-quarters time as big as the of an median horse.