Lankyposting, also known as HE, refers to the exercise of posting pictures of Lanky Kong, a personality from the 1999 video clip game Donkey Kong 64. The exercise itself began as a method of satirizing fan hype because that potential playable personalities in the Super quit Brothers series by requesting that the sustaining character need to be consisted of on the roster of the 4th installment.

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On January 10th, 2007, YouTuber ChangeDeGuerra uploaded the \"Donkey Kong Rap\" taken from the opening of the 1999 Nintendo 64 platform game Donkey Kong 64. During the rap, every character from the video game is presented with numerous verses describing their attributes and his abilities, often starting with the word \"He,\" including the orangutan Lanky Kong (shown below).

He has actually no style, he has actually no grace.This Kong has actually a funny face.He have the right to handstand once he demands to,And stretch his arms out, simply for you.Inflate himself similar to a balloon.This crazy Kong simply digs this tune!


On December 26th, 2010, Roblox<8> user hipeep created a Lanky Kong badge, which featured lyrics from the \"Donkey Kong Rap\" in the description.


On march 28th, 2012, organization of Legends Forums<10> member MrFinigen developed a thread titled \"He has actually No Style\" about Lanky Kong. Top top February 16th, 2013, GameFAQS Forums<9> member MalucciMD submitted a short article titled \"Anyone think Lanky Kong would be a funny playable character?\", to which user Hejiru responded \"But he has no style.\" On august 5th, 2014, the original poster (OP) of a Super stop Brothers general conversation topic ~ above the /vg/<1> (Video game Generals) plank on 4chan jokingly contained Lanky Kong as one of the officially announced newcomers regardless of no together announcement acquisition place.<1> following the thread\"s creation, part users began to ironically support the concept that Lanky Kong have to be a playable character. On august 8th, a post specialized to Lanky Kong was created by \"I will certainly Namefag until Lanky Is Confirmed,\" which had the lyric \"He has no style\" native the \"Donkey Kong Rap.\"<2>

On august 14th, a 4chan<3> user coined the hatchet \"Lankyposting\" in a thread around the video clip game character. On September 6th, Tumblr<7> user nicocw posted a photoshopped photo of Lanky Kong in front of an inspirational quote lift reciting his city in the \"Donkey Kong Rap,\" which got over 4,500 note in three weeks (shown below).


On September 8th, Redditor HEHASNO launched the /r/HEmeme<4> sugreddit for examples of Lanky Kong photoshops. A subreddit because that Lankyposting was created.

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<4> on September 19th, the /HE/ 8chan<5> plank was created for short articles related to the meme.