Day and also Night HD Vision wraparounds Sunglasses-- Non-Polarized-- Combo PackHD Vision Wraparounds Sunglasses/Night Vision Glasses Combo fill HD Vision Wraparounds let you view with intensified color and clarity similar to high an interpretation TV"s and at the portion of a price that designer glasses. Protect your eye in style from all sides (unlike clip-on), just slide end prescription glasses. Even if it is driving, reading or golfing, these versatile glasses make seeing a whole new experience. HD Vision wraparounds are the affordable, effective alternate to high-priced prescription sunglasses and also clumsy clip-on. Custom-look shades fit over your consistent eyewear come shield her eyes from harmful UV rays and block irradiate from the sides. High-definition lens an innovation dramatically reduces sun glare and provides clarity and enhances color like you"ve never seen before! Lightweight and also durable. Includes One pair the HD Vision WrapAround Sunglasses One pair that HD Night Vision Wraparound glasses, 2 moving case, and also 2 cleaning cloths.HD Vision Wraparounds let you watch with enhanced color and also clarity as with high definintion TV"s and at the fraction of a price of designer glassesLightweight and durableOne pair of HD Vision WrapAround Sunglasses (Colors might vary)One pair of HD Night Vision Wraparound glasses (Colors may vary)Ships in mail order dimension

What if ns am no satisfied with my purchase?

If you are not completely satisfied v your acquisition from, please contact customer organization at or speak to us at (800) 238-7119. Please see our return plan Below. We have the right to not accept returns on specific item together as assets used top top the mouth, or other parts that the body. This may include assets such as the Fukuoku 9000 heat of massagers, irreversible Kiss Lipstick, Forever White etc. If friend have any type of concerns, please contact us before ordering.

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Return Policy: guarantees versus manufacturer’s defects because that 30 job from date of delivery. Defective merchandise will be replaced with one more like product top top return and also receipt through the the defective item.

1. Friend must acquire a Return was Authorization (RMA) number before returning any kind of item. RMA’s are easily accessible by request and also are only good for a specific product and certain order. Please incorporate the product you want returned, the order number, the bespeak date, and the reason for return .

2. As soon as you have actually received an RMA#, you may send the product earlier to us at your expense. We will not expropriate a collect or C.O.D. Return. We will ship girlfriend a replacement at our expense (applicable within the continent USA only). If return is for a refund, the shipping and handling will certainly not it is in refunded only the price of the item. All Sales are last on violin Orders.

3. to make reservation the appropriate to refuse any kind of return that doe’s not have an RMA # on the box, in any kind of case there will certainly be an additional $5.00 charge if over there is no RMA#.

4. Any returns that carry out not fall within our return policy are non-refundable and you will not get credit.

5. Every returns should be shipped to The attend to we give you once requesting one RMA number. Not all productys ship from the exact same location and products went back to a wrong place are inelligle because that a return


*Products that exceed the 30 day return yet have prolonged Manufacturer’s Warranty should be returned directly to the manufacturer according to your instructions.


*Rejected delivery or Return of unwanted Product needs approval. These kind of returns might incur a tide fee in every cases. Contact for approval! We carry out not refund shipping dues on rejected deliveries, and also Shipping charges will be doubled as we have had actually to pay for shipping both ways.


How will certainly my bespeak arrive?

Most orders room shipped the same or following day via UPS, or USPS. Us Mail should be preferred for international and P.O. Box customers. We usage both UPS ground shipment and US Priority mail. Shipping time will vary depending on shipment location.

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WE MAY readjust SHIPMENT methods AT our DISCRETION uneven YOU TELL us NOT TO. WE periodically DO THIS TO deliver THE PRODUCT FASTER.

Most orders are shipped from our Florida, or Georgia warehousing locations.


What is the address for returns?

The deal with for returns will vary depending on product and shipping locations. Mark your return v the return authorization number and also send your items to: As seen On TV returns RMA #_______