I simply started an office job, so I've been drinking a ton more tea. I have actually a 16 oz thermos, and I just realized I must be utilizing 2 bags instead of 1 to acquire the full flavor.

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Anyway, ns tried using among those French Vanilla creamer pouches v a little bit of sugar, and it made a delicious brew. Ns tried the regular half and half, and it tastes like hot milk with a little of tea in it.

Normally ns do regular milk, however after the French Vanilla experiment, I'm wonder if others have any good flavored cream/tea combos worth trying. Also, what's the BEST means (in her opinions) to have actually English Breakfast tea (teabag)?


I prefer unsweetened almond milk in my tea sometimes. I'm no a large fan of putting milk in tea, however in chai tea almond milk is pretty yum.

Same here! many teas ns drink without milk, however occasionally I'll make chai with unsweetened almond milk.

Well, newly I got through some really cheap pu'erh by including whipped cream, i m sorry turned out surprisingly lovely. I likewise drink Tetley with Bailey's, due to the fact that I am kind of a boozehound choose that.

Mostly i drink mine tea straight, yet I occasionally enjoy some condensed milk in English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, or cheapie pu-erh for a thai sweet tea, and I sometimes put part almond or dairy product milk in mine chai. I've been meaning to try coconut milk for coconut chai.

The just time I ever before take my tea v milk or cream is as soon as I drink one Earl Grey, and occasionally once I have actually a Lady Grey.. Something about the bergamot simply mixes an extremely well with a little bit of hot milk. Then I'll add heated skim milk due to the fact that I've found anything more heavier overwhelms the smell or alters it also much. All other teas ns take without milk or cream (or sugar yet that's a different concern entirely), i just find that also plain milk/cream changes the tea as well much. Part of the is also because I reap the astringency component of tea a lot.

I generally use creamer, prefer I perform for mine coffee. The flavor different by what we have in the fridge. Ns usually shot to save it neutral like 'sweet cream' or just plain, but if who bought a wonky smell I'll use plain milk. Powdered creamer can actually store the tea from feeling watered down yet they seem like their more of a slippery slope right into covering up the first flavor with the second if you obtain it flavored to match your taste.

I'm a bit of a tea purist, and won't put anything in it unless I can't drink it right for everything reason...but a tiny dollop of sweetened condensed milk (as an occasional treat) is funny to experiment with to make a type of milk tea. That really makes for an excellent chai or other flavored teas. Put a spoonful of that in David's Tea's Red Velvet Cake/Salted Caramel, and you don't even need dessert. ;)

I mostly drink mine teas straight, I just put milk in some black teas (typically Assam, Earl Grey and also English Breakfast).

I will use full-fat necessary milk or necessary almond/hazelnut milks (depends on i beg your pardon I have actually in the fridge).

I recently became lactose intolerant so I use lactose cost-free milk which i have discovered that it tends to thin down the tea a bit more in comparison to continual milk. I usually twin or triple the quantity of tea leaves if i decide to execute "milk teas" v lactose totally free milk. Lactose totally free milk tends to be slightly sweet too so as soon as you usage Chinese black color tea through lactose free milk, it's choose a thin variation of Hong Kong layout milk tea! __^

An alternate that I choose for sweeter days is condense milk. Sweet mom of sugary liquids v tapioca. Mmm...

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