You might think that you’re the only male in the human being who’s never had actually a girlfriend, however trust me – there are a million guys out over there who are in the same instance as you.

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All the you have one thing in common: you’re trying to find the girl of her dreams, you’re having no success whatsoever, however you can’t seem to number out why.

Well, we’re right here to help. Below are 18 brutally moral reasons why you’ve never had a girlfriend and how you can adjust that.

1. You’re a awkward guy


One that the an initial reasons why girlfriend don’t have any type of relationship experience could be due to the fact that of your shy nature. Shyness have the right to be rather cute, also in a man, however the reality is the girls rarely autumn for it in ~ first, till they obtain to understand you.

It’s not that you’re just a shy male when it comes to women: you’re simply like this all the time, which renders it difficult for girls to notice you.

Yes, it’s the 21st century and there is naught strange around a girl make the very first move, however whether we prefer to recognize it or not, the is usually expected that males will approach women.

Unfortunately, you don’t have actually the ship to perform something favor this. So, also when you prefer a girl, every you have the right to do is dream around her native a safe distance.

Well, allow me tell you that females aren’t psychic readers, as lot as they’d favor to be. No girl will recognize that you’re right into her if friend don’t make a move.

The reality is the girls who technique guys space rare. In most cases, castle wait because that you to perform something around it and also you’re act absolutely nothing.

I acquire it: shyness is a component of your personality. Nobody is informing you to change the significance of who you are simply to become much more likeable to the the contrary sex.

However, if not having a girl friend is bothering friend (and the obviously is), you’ll need to make some adjustments. Litter away her shield and also break some obstacles if you’re trying to find success.

As much as girlfriend would choose it, the right girl won’t magically pertained to you. Rather you’ll have to work to acquire her.

2. You’re too pushy


On the other hand, if you’re not shy, you could behave in completely the opposite way. The fact is that you could be also pushy, i beg your pardon is likewise not a an excellent tactic when it pertains to hitting top top girls.

It’s one thing to be the kind of guy who shows that he knows what he wants and also is no afraid to get it. This is an appealing high quality for all males out there.

However, it is something else if you don’t respect women’s boundaries and also if you seek them too hard. In this case, they can think that you as some sort of creep or a stalker, which is not the image you want to have.

Yes, most women want commitment. They want a boyfriend that will love them and who wants a serious connection with them.

Nevertheless, things choose this take it time. Friend can’t talk about marriage, kids, or relocating in with each other on the first date because that will certainly chase practically every girl away.

Remember that you can’t have everything all at once. As soon as you satisfy a girl you like, don’t be also pushy.

Instead that pushing she limits and moving as well quickly, allow time job-related its magic. Take points slowly and also see wherein it will acquire you.

Don’t push girls into doing something lock don’t want. This is specifically the situation when it comes to sleeping with each other or acquisition some big steps towards your future together.

I know that you’ve never had actually a girlfriend and that you’re eager to finally discover one yet trust me: this is not the method to go.

Try not to overthink everything and also for once, relax and also go with the flow. Don’t burden yourself through what might happen and also learn to enjoy each moment.

3. You’re searching for perfection


You’re a male with your own set of values and qualities. Therefore, you can have some standards and also deal breakers.

You understand what you’re looking for and you don’t desire to clear up for anything less than girlfriend deserve. After all, friend shouldn’t be through the an initial girl that crosses her path simply for the sake of having actually a relationship.

However, the truth is that you could be as well picky once it involves women. In the case, the is nice difficult, if no utterly difficult for friend to uncover the best girl.

Let’s be honest here: despite every one of your great points, the fact is the you’re not perfect. You have your flaws and you intend everyone roughly you, including your potential dates, to accept you for that you are.

Knowing that, the question of why you save on in search of the perfect girl arises. Take off your increased tinted glasses and face the truth that you’ll never uncover the girl of your desires who fits each among your criteria.

This goes for physical looks and also for personality traits. Stop writing turn off girls who don’t look at like height models from magazine covers and also who don’t have a doctor in science.

Instead, offer them a chance. I’m not saying the you have actually to finish up through someone that didn’t knock friend off your feet at first but what’s the harm in at least trying?

Whether you want to accept it or not, the fact is that you’re unlikely to discover the girl of her dreams: A girl who has the perfect human body proportions, who is incredibly beautiful, shares her interests, loves friend unconditionally, and is your complement made in heaven.

In fact, most world end up with someone who is perfect imperfect for them. That’s the entire magic that love relationships.

Besides, that is vital to be conscious of yourself. If you’re only hitting on girls who are clearly out of her league, you won’t have much luck.

4. You’re not social enough


In the period of modern-day dating, there room plenty of methods to uncover a girlfriend. There are social media, virtual dating sites, dating apps and also so on.

Basically, a lot of of human being have found their forever human without even leaving their couch. It’s not prefer in the old days where you actually had to go searching for women, going to clubs and waiting for a chance to technique a girl challenge to face.

However, although there are numerous ways of meeting the the contrary sex, also when you’re one introvert or a loner, the fact is that your social skills are still rather significant.

Therefore, if you’re not social, your opportunities of recognize the love of her life decrease. I’m no saying that you need to be doing things you don’t enjoy simply to uncover a girlfriend, but you must definitely shot hanging out approximately people more.

For example, in comparison to loners, outgoing guys always meet an ext people. They’re open to new experiences and also don’t have actually trouble interacting with strangers.

Also, broadening your circle of friends might help. They have the right to serve together your wingmen once you check out a girl girlfriend like, can introduce friend to several of their good friends or set you increase on a blind date.

Besides, these social an abilities you can be doing not have will come in handy when you talk to women. Girls largely like males who room surrounded by people and also who are obviously comfortable v being in overfilled places.

I acquire it: you’re a loner and there is absolutely nothing wrong v that. However, you need to accept the this might be the reason for your lack of romantic experience.

5. You’re clingy


When you ask a girl what her perfect kind of male would be, most of them will certainly probably provide a comparable answer.

They will generally tell you the they desire a boyfriend who offers them all their attention, that only has eyes because that them, who will prioritize castle over everyone else, that will text them and also call them every the time, and also who isn’t fear to be vulnerable and romantic.

Well, even though every one of this sounds great in theory, in practice things space pretty different. Yes, girls destruction all the stuff but only afterwards when you’re in a significant relationship.

In fact, if friend act favor this from the moment you meet a brand-new girl, she will probably see girlfriend as as well clingy. Despite what you might think, the is not an attractive high quality in a man.

When you fall for a new girl, don’t it is in needy because if you are, she is i can not qualify to ever become your girlfriend. Instead, she’ll think of you together desperate and also she can even see your habits as a opportunity to play with you.

I’m no saying the you need to stop being a an excellent guy and start acting like a douchebag simply to get a girl to choose you. However, don’t treat her favor she’s the facility of your universe from day one either.

Remember that everyone needs space and this girl is no different. As lot as you’re into her, don’t ask she to spend every one of her cost-free time v you.

Don’t gambling your whole life’s happiness on her and also on the future of your potential relationship.

Also, don’t suffocate her. Don’t try caging her due to the fact that she’ll simply see you as an overly possessive jealous man she needs to operation away native as quickly as possible.

It’s one thing to present this girl the you’re interested in her. However, that is completely different if girlfriend are all over her and if friend act choose she is your only chance of ever finding love.

Trust me ~ above this one: girls smell desperation indigenous a mile away. So please, don’t send that vibe if you desire to uncover a girlfriend.

6. You room insecure due to your absence of experience


When you with a specific age, it is intended that you will have actually at the very least some kind of romantic experience. ~ all, every one of your good friends have been in much shorter or much longer relationships and everywhere friend look, every you have the right to see are happy couples.

However, you’re not among those people. Girlfriend think that there are some signs a guy has actually never had a girlfriend and that you display each one of them.

So, you feel like you’re fall behind. Subconsciously, girlfriend think that everyone knows her dirty little an enig and the they can tell that you’ve never had a partnership the moment they look at you.

It’s choose you to let go a phase of your life. You’re every grown up yet you just never went v this romantic phase.

Nevertheless, don’t enable your absence of suffer to ruin your future. You can’t readjust the past and also go ago in time so don’t let this fact determine the food of her life.

Remember: as soon as you start hitting top top a girl, there is no method she can know the she’ll be your first girlfriend if you take place to click. She could see you together shy and also insecure yet she can never be sure around your previous experiences.

So, don’t bring that topic increase in the beginning.

Instead, occupational on your confidence and also act prefer dating a girl is something you’ve been doing top top a constant basis ever because you deserve to remember. Also if someone turns you down, don’t allow fear of rejection to paralysis you.

Keep going, because eventually her approach and pick increase lines will work-related out.

Later on, when you do discover a girlfriend and see that points are gaining serious, you have the right to tell she the truth. Trust me: she will certainly feel special and flattered and she’ll more than likely find all of this cute.

Until then, carry out your finest to get rid of the insecurities which are holding girlfriend back.

7. Girlfriend play it too safe


You’ve currently been told not to be also pushy once it concerns hitting ~ above girls. However, according to many dating advice, being also safe is not the way to go either.

This way that girlfriend won’t make a relocate until you’re completely certain that a girl’s feelings for you. Girlfriend won’t hit on her unless you’re one hundreds percent confident that she’ll offer you a positive answer.

Ideally, it would be an excellent if things can work favor this. However, in most cases, the dating reality is much different.

The truth is that in many cases, you have to risk it.

You watch a girl you’re into however you don’t recognize whether she feeling the very same way. Well, you’ll never recognize until friend try, right?

Girls prefer to it is in chased. Occasionally they play hard to acquire just to test your interest in them.

You have to never be too pushy, because no always way no but you need to be brave sufficient to jump right into the unknown, regardless of not knowing what the outcome will be.

Trust me: even if a girl transforms you down, she’ll admire her bravery and respect you because that it.

When you favor a specific woman, don’t wait because that the perfect minute to kiss she or questioning her out on a date. I’m no saying that you need to do something inappropriate but if you wait as well long, your possibility will it is in gone.

For example, how many times have you laid eye on a girl you prefer in a club just for her to leave before you’ve plucked up the ship to go over and say something?

You need to produce an atmosphere in which you can make a move. Ns won’t lie to you: nobody have the right to guarantee that a details woman won’t turn you down.

However, at least you’ll recognize you tried. Besides, even your failures room a an important experience and also will aid you in the future.

8. Friend come off together a player


Has it ever crossed her mind that women don’t desire to end up being your girlfriend because they don’t take you seriously?

Is it feasible that you’ve spent your entire life up until now having causal relationships but never an really girlfriend? So now when you really desire a serious relationship, everyone sees you together a player that is about to break your hearts?

If this is the case, it’s time to readjust your tactics. Friend see, no girl desires to offer you a chance if she thinks the you’re just after one thing.

Therefore, you need to convince the object of your affection that you’re really in love v her and also that you have no on purpose of walking away from her as quickly as you obtain what you want.

The best way for this one-of-a-kind someone come realize the you’re significant is to prevent playing. Protect against chasing other women and also make certain she watch she is the only one you’re interested in.

9. You offer up easily


There is no doubt around one thing and also I will certainly forever repeat it come you: girls like to it is in chased. However, in ~ the same time, lock don’t prefer being chased as well much, which will likewise be discussed.

Practically, it’s your project to uncover the perfect balance. On the one hand, you can’t be too needy but on the other, you have to show a details amount of attention for this girl to even be aware of your emotions.

It way that offering up too soon is no an option. However, that is exactly what friend do.

In fact, in many cases, you give up before you’ve also tried. So, how have the right to you intend to change your relationship status under this circumstances?

The point is that you’re a quitter when it involves girls. Your level of me confidence is extremely low and also you give up in ~ the an initial obstacle or sign of inconvenience.

Well, let me tell friend that dating doesn’t really work-related that way. In fact, occurring a healthy relationship is a procedure which take away time, energy, patience, and also effort.

Therefore, girlfriend can’t lose every one of your hopes and dreams just due to the fact that a few girls have turned girlfriend down. The doesn’t average that you shouldn’t keep on make the efforts to discover the appropriate one.

Also, just since a details woman you’re interested in has actually failed to offer you the specific feedback you to be expecting, it doesn’t mean that every little thing is shed with her.

Just because she didn’t jump straight into her arms the moment you started talking, it doesn’t average that she doesn’t arrangement on giving you a chance.

Just because she doesn’t message you back the 2nd you call her or she couldn’t go out with you the first time you invite her, that doesn’t average that girlfriend should provide up ~ above her.

Be consistent and also persistent. Of course, there space some situations where the only selection you have is come walk away v dignity, however it’s your job to evaluate when you should shot harder and also when it’s best to offer up.

At first, you can have trouble assessing the situation. In the case, ask your best friend for aid and through time, you’ll have the ability to do that by yourself.

10. You placed girls top top a pedestal


Girls favor to be cure as real life princesses: there is no doubt about that. However, this doesn’t typical that you should put lock on a pedestal.

It is one thing to respect the girl you want to date. You check out her worth and would never ever do something that might insult her.

That is awesome and also it absolutely makes you a real man and also boyfriend material. Nevertheless, idealizing ladies is never good for her future love life.

When you begin liking a girl, you instantly perceive her as way much better than she in reality is. You only see her an excellent sides, if you view your imperfections and flaws.

Naturally, as soon as you placed things favor this, you can’t aid but think that you don’t was standing a chance with her. You devalue yourself and also wonder why a girl choose her would desire to be through a male like you.

Well, that strategy couldn’t be an ext wrong. You’re instantly putting you yourself beneath her and also that sort of arrangement will never work out for the best.

Remember the this mrs you’re into is just a person being, the same as you. She has her very own flaws and also is made the end of flesh and blood.

Don’t be intimidated by her and also don’t be scared to stand in former of her. To trust me: if you put her on a pedestal and start acting as her inferior, she’ll an alert it and also start perceiving you together an insecure little boy.

11. Friend have poor body language


One of the key reasons why countless guys never have a girlfriend isn’t surprise in their communication or society skills. In fact, it’s their body language which is the problem.

You see, many girls will certainly scan girlfriend even prior to you exchange names and officially meet. When it pertains to dating, non verbal signals and body language indications are the an initial things the can assist you rest the obstacle before you in reality make a move.

Even though over there is nothing dorn if you approach women out of the blue, your opportunities of success will increase if girlfriend prepare v these non linguistic gestures.

However, you’re not an extremely skillful as soon as it concerns this.

First and foremost, when you walk right into the room, friend act prefer you would quite be somewhere else. It’s prefer you want to hide from the remainder of the world and go unobserved.

Also, you don’t give the impression of being a happy person. Girlfriend don’t laugh and also smile a lot and also in most situations you have a the personality is bad face, all of which makes people think that you’re a an unfavorable person.

When you prefer a girl, girlfriend don’t try to create eye contact. Not just that: even if a girl is plainly checking you out, you will certainly look away instead of staring right earlier at her.

When you’re talking through a woman you’re into, girlfriend don’t have actually the courage to look her directly in the eyes. You are not brave enough to sit alongside the girl you like, allow alone make part accidental physical contact.

At first, you can think of every these things as nice irrelevant. However, trust me as soon as I tell friend that good body language have the right to get fifty percent the task done.

12. You don’t take care of your looks


When it concerns physical looks, most human being will tell girlfriend that men pay fist to a girl’s appearance more than the other way around.

Well, I dislike to be the one to burst your bubble however despite popular opinion, things room pretty much the same for both sexes.

Don’t get me wrong: this is no me saying the looks space the just thing the matters for most girls.

In fact, you have the right to be the most handsome guy in the world however if girlfriend don’t have actually anything else to offer, it’s likely that you’ll never have actually a girl that really loves you.

However, the takes time because that two civilization to acquire to understand each other. So, you can’t mean a girl to provide you she phone number because you’re a decent guy or a type person.

After all, she has no clue about that and also it’s not a factor for she to prefer you.

Therefore, if you desire for girl to provide you much more of a chance, firstly you have actually to attract them come you. The only means to execute it is come look nice and to make yourself as physically attractive together possible.

Knowing all of this, it’s feasible that one of the reasons why girlfriend can’t seem to find a girlfriend is the fact that girlfriend don’t care around your watch as much as friend should.

No, this doesn’t mean that you have to look like you’ve just stepped off the covering of a fashion magazine. Friend don’t need to undergo some wild plastic surgeries or aesthetic actions to become an ext likeable come girls.

However, you need to take treatment of your personal hygiene. You have to smell nice, shower head regularly, and pay attention to her breath.

If you have actually a beard, you need to keep the neat. You have to brush your hair and also wash that on a regular basis.

It would certainly be nice come hit the gym as girls space crazy for men who space fit and in shape. Start exercising or communicate in some other kind of physics activity.

When it involves your clothes, this is miscellaneous you need to work on as well. Make certain it’s always clean and ironed and also most importantly: dress for the occasion.

Don’t walk about in her old sweatpants or a stained T-shirt, expecting girl to autumn at your feet. Don’t dress favor a clown and as if you’ve put on the very first thing that came out of her closet either.

If you’re not much of a fashion person, simply stick to the basics. Don’t experiment v styles and colors if you’re not sure just how to integrate them.

13. You’re no dominant


Whether they prefer to recognize this or not, the truth is that ladies love alpha men. In fact, most guys who have actually never had actually a girlfriend space actually beta, gamma, or delta males when alphas rarely challenge this type of problem.

I’m no saying that you should treat her girlfriend together if she is inferior to you. Remember that you two are totally equal in your relationship and also you’re not above her in any way.

However, over there is a difference in between taking charge and also acting favor your girl is a 2nd class citizen just because she is a woman.

Well, the is precisely what you lack: initiative. You don’t action like sufficient of a man and that might be the reason for her inability to find a girlfriend.

Women like men who know what and who castle want. Males who space confident and also who plot brave, even when they’re not.

They like males who are born leaders of the pack. Guys everyone rather follows and also listens to. Guys who “wear the pants” in the relationship.

Yes, ns know, there is not much logic behind this. However, women chasing leading men is in reality their primal instinct.

Subconsciously, they desire to have actually a serious relationship with a companion who can protect them as soon as they require it. Someone they can rely on and someone that can provide for them, if necessary.

Therefore, if girlfriend send turn off the vibe of an incompetent guy who can’t obtain the job done, many women sadly won’t check out you as boyfriend material.

14. You gain friendzoned


The number one nightmare of all guys out there: gift trapped in the friendzone. In her case, this is no something you’re just afraid that – it has been your fact ever because you have the right to remember.

The factor why you’ve never had actually a girlfriend is because you’ve had a most female friends. Ironic, right?

Ever because high school, you have actually been the one man surrounded by the most girls. Unfortunately, no one of these girls witnessed you together anything more than a ideal friend.

You, on the various other hand, were in love with most of them.

So, why is this so? Why do girls keep placing you in the girlfriend zone?

They clearly think of you as a good person and also value your personality traits. Otherwise they wouldn’t consider you your friend.

After all, all of your woman friends keep telling you the they would certainly give every little thing to find a nice man like you. Over there you are, standing right in prior of them and yet, no one has ever before taken you right into consideration.

It’s not your watch either since there is no chance that not one girl in her life hasn’t considered you to it is in cute if nothing else.

Therefore, it have to be something in her attitude.

Well, the reality is the you most likely start turn off on the dorn foot. When you like a girl, you don’t flirt v her and you don’t make her intentions clear right away.

You’re paralyzed through the fear of rejection for this reason you get in her life as a friend. However, the trouble is the you keep that standing forever.

After part time, you acquire so deep right into the friendzone the admitting your romantic feelings would certainly mean shedding this person for good. Therefore you clear up for crumbs and you prefer having her in her life one way or another.

Sounds familiar, right?

Well in the case, it’s time to change your attitude. Stop being a shoulder for women to cry on.

Stop being your comforter and also someone they involved when they require relationship advice. Protect against talking to them around other men and don’t interact in girl subject such together makeup or clothes.

Show them the you’re a man and that it’s around time they begin seeing you together one.

15. Friend don’t have actually a lot come offer


When girlfriend ask yourself why you’ve never had a girlfriend, you usually blame the opposite sex or modern-day dating, i m sorry really can be frustrating. However, has actually it ever crossed your mind the it’s not them – it’s you?

Maybe friend don’t have actually a lot of to offer to girls.

When friend hear this, the very first thing girlfriend think of is more than likely money. Girlfriend assume the girls don’t favor you due to the fact that you’re not rich sufficient to make all of their desires come true.

However, I’m not just talking around that. Yes, in ~ a details age you need to be financially independent and also have ambitions to prosper also further.

Nevertheless, I’m talking around other things. Around your personality and other skills.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying the you have actually no worth. I’m simply advising friend to begin with some self innovation before putting yourself in the dating pool.

In enhancement to working on your appearance, job-related on your inner me as well. Job-related on her education, her spirituality, and your emotional and also mental health.

Work on your self confidence and also on ending up being a much better person. Become the best possible version that yourself.

Become a good guy before searching for a an excellent girl. Use every one of your potential therefore girls roughly you see that you have actually a lot to offer and that you’re in a place to ask because that a lot together well.

16. You’re frustrated


Wherever friend look, men who act women like trash, who are unfaithful, and also who play through their hearts and also minds obtain the many women.

Most of your friends complain about douche-bags who store on breaking your heart yet eventually, many of them consist of with castle after the break up.

Then, meanwhile there is you. You, a nice guy, who has actually never pains anybody and also who would treat every girl favor a queen.

However, despite every one of this, you’re the one who has actually never had a girl friend while these dudes have women chasing them. So, friend can’t aid but feeling frustrated about this.

It’s been prefer this ever due to the fact that high school and also nothing appears to have changed now you’re one adult.

Where is the righteousness here? Why is this happening, when you’re the nicest male alive who deserves to have actually the finest girlfriend ever?

Well, even though I totally understand your allude of view, this frustration can be among the factors why girlfriend can’t it seems ~ to have actually a romantic relationship.

You show up bitter, negative, and therefore desperate. Naturally, these space not the type of characteristics that girls autumn for.

Please, eliminate these kinds of emotions. Other males are no the cause of your unhappy love life.

After all, nobody have the right to steal your luck and also your faith. Avoid comparing yourself to others and also focus ~ above your own future.

17. You’re too available


According to part dating advice, another resource of your problem might be the fact that you’re also available.

I’m no talking about your solitary status here – I’m talking around the reality that the girl you like feels choose she deserve to have girlfriend whenever she feels favor it. And also the worst part is the she is for sure right.

This top quality of yours works together with desperation. You’re so eager to have a girlfriend that you don’t plan on absent out on the slightest possibility of having one.

Therefore, you operation whenever she calls. You are always there, patiently wait for she to appear and also to provide you crumbs of she attention.

When you satisfy a brand-new girl, whatever happens on she terms. You’re never too liven to watch her, you respond to her message messages immediately, and also you are always in the the atmosphere to speak to her.

Even once you have actually other plans, friend cancel them simply so you can fit her into your schedule.

Well, permit me phone call you the this create a counterproductive effect. The girl you like will definitely see just how crazy you room for her but instead of appreciating it, she’ll most likely use it versus you.

She will certainly take you for granted and start see you as her back up plan. Someone she can constantly come earlier to as soon as she runs out of all various other options.

You see, for a woman to really autumn for you, she needs to be fear of losing you. She has to feel your absence in bespeak to miss you and to realize the she wants you in her life.

However, you’re not giving girls that chance. You’re always there, at their fingertips and they don’t feel the require to offer you the condition of being their boyfriend.

18. You get too emotional also soon


Being in touch with your feel is amazing, especially for a man. Gift open about them is also better.

However, this doesn’t average that you should wear your heart on your sleeve due to the fact that this might be the reason why you’ve never had a girlfriend. It doesn’t mean that you need to reveal your spirit to every girl who crosses her path.

You see, females will always tell you the they favor emotional guys. However, the doesn’t include you informing a girl friend love she on the first date.

This is precisely what you do. You’re too honest about your feelings and also you invest yourself totally from the an extremely start.

This is particularly true as soon as you feel favor you’re shedding the girl friend like. Friend won’t hesitate come tell her that she is breaking her heart or do some various other love declarations.

However, you rarely gain the wanted effect. Instead, you usually scare she away with all of this.

So rather of gaining too emotional too soon, let she guess whether you treatment for her or not. Do her think and make she doubt her feelings.

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At a an initial glance, all of this can sound like video game playing. However, occasionally this is vital if you want to gain under a girl’s skin.