Daft Punk was a French Music Band composed by two robots Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

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Here are some French facts about Guy Man you may not be aware : what he looks like under his helmet, his size, what instrument he plays, his girlfriend.....

Guy Man without helmet

Not easy to recognize him on T.V shows as he always wears a helmet. Here is a picture of him in his younger days without the Daft Punk Helmet.



A long first name, but it"s actually longer!

Every one called him Guy Man, but his first name is a little bit longer and have some variations :

The extra short : Guy-ManThe Short One : Guy-Manuel de Homem-ChristoHalf Full Name : Guillaume-Manuel de Homem-ChristoThe Full Name : Guillaume-Emmanuel Paul de Homem-Christo

No kidding, his full name on his ID card is Guillaume-Emmanuel Paul de Homem-Christo. No link with any royal blood or french upper class.

His grandparents are from Portugal and portugeses love long names there!


He grew up in Paris in the 70"s and 80"s and at this time, composed names and nicknames were very common :

Jean Pierre = J.P (so french)Francois-Xavier= F.X (effectively good)Guillaume-Emmanuel = G.E (no good) then Guy Man (Cool)or even Pierre-Emmanuel (also called P.E)

Ask him an Autograph and you"ll get a No !

If you recognize him, don"t expect to get an autograph from him. He just doesn"t write an autograph, personnal choice.


French neighboors of him asked and he said he refuses to do so ! The full Story here (Femme Actuelle).



Guy Manuel de Homem Christo Wife - Girlfriend ?

According to following tumblerist, Guy Manuel was in couple with Top Model and Fashion designer Giulia Venturini, one of the twin sister famous for their bald haircut for Tod"s and creator of the Brand MEDEA.

They made the match with theses pictures and theses to find her identity. It"s about 8 years ago so maybe things have changed since.

Fresh news are that Guy Man is working with Italian luxury bags Brand MEDEA - with the two creative twins sister Giulia and Camilla Venturini. Guy man and giulia seems to be still together and in love but no sogns of kids !


Daft Punk Height

There is a tall robot and a short robot and if they both are wearing helmets, which one is de Homem Christo?

Guy-Man is the shortest guy of the Duo, but not that short :


Guy man size : 170 cm tall so 5 feet 7 inches.

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Thomas Bangalter is 188 cm tall 6",2"














What does Guy Man plays in Daft Punk ?

According to the rare interview of the Daft Punk, Guy Man admits he plays drums (He sits behind the drums in "Get Lucky" !) and guitar as well, and make an intense use of technology sampler, keyboards and so on... We can say he is Multi-instrumentist !



From a famous high school in Paris: Lycée Carnot


Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo met in 1987 while attending the Lycée Carnot, a secondary school in Paris. It"s a famous school as plenty of famous french attends this one :

Jean-Louis Aubert & Louis Bertignac (french Band "Telephone"), Jean Reno (Leon the professional), Jacques Chirac (French president)




The British Bad Review : it"s Daft Punky !

The two frogs got a negative review in "Melody Maker".
Review was signed by Dave Jennings and express the music as “a daft punky thrash.”