The Gummibär Game

Join Gummibär in his biggest adventure! The Gummibär video game is a classic run and also jump activity game that includes three various minigames. Check out mysterious islands and face deadly challenges, impress everyone through your dance moves, and also escape disaster and doom through navigating a river complete of sharks and also a sky complete of upset rain clouds.

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Gummibär is acquisition a expedition in his aircraft to a run competition when a suddenly storm pressures him to do an emergency landing on an unknown island. Come his surprise, the discovers that the island is populated by a people of fierce savage gummy bears. Come his even greater surprise, the discovers that this people possesses special instruments and dances the would assist him to win the dance competition. However, the chef of the people will only provide him the unique instruments and also dances in exchange for magical fruit that are concealed on the adjacent islands. Assist Gummibär together he embarks ~ above a dangerousadventure to discover these fruits and trade them through the chief for the specialinstruments and also dances so the he have the right to win the championship competition.

Available top top iTunes.


Gummibär balloon Up Game

Good clean fun through Gummibär – everyone’s favourite gummy bear!

Join him as he bring away a bath and also pop all of the bubbles prior to they get away! view how plenty of levels you can acquire through.

Available ~ above iTunes.

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Gummibär video clip Player

Watch all of your favourite Gummibär videos top top the official “Gummibär video Player”. That features all of the videos posted on Gummibär’s main YouTube channel including “I to be A Gummy bear (The Gummy bear Song)”, “Nuki Nuki”, “Go for The Goal”, “Mr. Mister Gummibär” and more.

Available ~ above iTunes.

Also easily accessible on Google Play!


Talking Gummibär

Discover the most famous gummy bear of all time! Gummibär is a small, sweet and also cute tiny bear who loves making kids laugh v his funny dances and entertaining songs!

Use her finger to touch the screen and see Gummibär’s funny reactions and animations, learn how to pat the tuba v your brand-new little friend, listen and also dance to Gummibär’s most well known songs, have a ton of fun playing the supergame, and enjoy personalizing and also sending funny e-cards to all your friends!