Stop what you are doing best NOW. There is a caterpillar that looks like a real-life gummy worm and also it must be safeguarded at all costs. I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine.

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To get technical, this lil guy originates from the Olona genus that the family members Limacodidae, a team of moths known for their slug-like caterpillar form. Slug-moth caterpillars are much orange and an extremely squish.

Photo: budak/Flickr

The jellybean caterpillar loves crawling roughly the forest, munching top top leaves, and making cocoons, researchers discover.

Species from the Olona genus can be uncovered in Australia and South east Asia and China. They come in a selection of colours, such together orange, yellow, and also bright green. Together beautiful together they are, don’t take care of these tiny guys. Once they sense danger, they burned the tiny gummy nodules (which offer them their distinctive squishiness) choose a lizard and also bolt.

Scientists have called squishy a “gelatine” caterpillar, for an extremely obvious reasons. But the fun doesn’t protect against there! Our small gummy worm has a brother, called the “stinging nettle”, and he is just as majestic together you have the right to imagine. So. Many. Spikes. Check out both develops below.

Photo: Charles J Sharp/Wikimedia & Pong Wira/Shutterstock

Our stabby and gelatinous friend are known as cup moths as they build cup-like cocoons that look just like gum nuts. Lucky for us, the mottled cup moth (Doratifera vulnerans) is really common in Sydney, while central NSW can discover the painted cup moth (Doratifera oxleyi), and also the east coast is flooded with the pale cup moth (Doratifera pinguis).

So now you deserve to all discover your own squishies. Just make certain to no pick them up or they’ll shed all their gumminess and you’ll ruin the funny for everyone.

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Check the end some much more of the Olona Limacodidae caterpillars below.

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An “Olona Limacodidae caterpillar”.. (and not a psychedelic haribo