Looking for incentive for a an excellent group 4 project idea because that IB science? Here’s 13 reliable Group 4 Project concepts for IB Science. They space all enjoyable and promote collaborative team work overcome all scientific research disciplines. Thankfully non of this proposals indicate Mentos, overly sugared fizzy drinks or also dreaded power drinks! Click ~ above each connect for more information.

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1. Perpetual motion Machines: Rube Goldberg (US) / pagan Robinson (UK)

Perpetual Motion equipments are one of my favourite themes for team IV projects. They save the student involved and also interested because that the whole session – periodically I feel like we might fill several days through this activity. I still acquire IB students telling me this project was the finest day they had actually (in school) throughout their IB program…

It regularly starts v one chaste marble.

The final presentation that the projects is a high allude with teams on tenterhooks to watch if all their physical, biological, chemical and also computing events will in reality work. We even have various other grade teams come in to watch. Simply make certain you (and your department) are prepared for the mess, the semi stop chaos. Acquire a an excellent sleep the night before.

2. Scientific Photography Exhibition for the Group four Project

The scientific research of beautiful photos can capture student’s imaginations during the group four project.

Scientific photography exhibition is a an excellent way to combine art v science. This go down really well through the more an imaginative students.

3. What works best as a water filter?

Get the students to research and also design a water filter, preferably from recycle materials. Great fun to test in the lab also – I simply wouldn’t recommend drinking the results…

4. Recycling products – Innovative means of recycling and reusing everyday materials

Recycling is such a huge component of your resides these days. Numerous students are passionate about improving their environmental footprint, this job is a good one because that cultivating their eco-friendly credentials.

Reducing plastic waste is a popular topic.

5. Reducing our school’s environmental footprint

Schools have the right to be really wasteful, particularly with photocopying and throwing far food. This task can cause meaningful change throughout the school and also inspire students to think a bit much more about their surroundings.

6. Mythbusters as a Group 4 Project

Everyone has a favorite ‘urban myth’ the they love come tell civilization about. It’s also easy come research new ones ~ above the internet in for sure (ish) areas such together reddit and facebook. College student are frequently really to crawl to use their scientific thinking to test these urban myths and the results deserve to be equally amazing to their peers.

7. The Olympics: explicate the physical, chemical and also biological elements of exercise.

The huge array of tasks and sports in an mean olympic gamings is enormous and have substantial potential for scientific study. Clearly biology/physiology plays a huge role here however it doesn’t take as well much creativity to come up v a (bio) chemistry physics template that really records the students’ imagination.

All path of science topics to obtain stuck into here…

8. The scientific research of Food and also Cooking

Cooking and food are main to every one of us. I have actually seen some great projects in these ares – indigenous baking to solar oven, the biochemistry the chilli peppers to the physics that microwaves. The choice is endless.

Microwaves – so satisfying to investigate. ‘For our group 4 project we’ll need 500 bags the popcorn minimum, sir’.

9. Save the teachers: making it through on Mars

You deserve to introduce this with a fun video of the science teachers badly acting out a desperate speak to for aid from Mars. The students will certainly snigger and some might even look increase from your phones. However will castle really want to save you all? lets be honest this is unlikely, however at the very least they’ll reap coming up v some eccentric solutions to human adaptations in a martian landscape.

Here’s a teacher grounding on Mars, probably.

10. Is Food Labelling Accurate?

Students seem come be an extremely interested in this. Analysing food brand has end up being the norm in current years. However how specific are those ingredient claims? space the food companies trying to traction a quick one? – Probably and also its up to the course of 2020 to unearth every their small lies, cheat untruths and also disingenuous claims.

11. Amusement Park study – Including a visit (s) to a neighborhood Amusement Park…

Yes – you will certainly go come the amusement park and also ride the corkscrew five times with the lab technology while put on a heart rate monitor. College student will be sent out back to boost their patchy data. Every this while consuming obscene amounts of sugary drink and chips. The music will certainly be terrible. It’s student heaven. However they will love you because that this project, absolutely love you. Specifically if you perform a plan visit and also data repertoire visit, you’ll be a legend. A legend delivering too countless boxes that data arsenal probes and also stopwatches.

Please save the probe in one upright place Mr Brown! The group 4 project in ~ its best.

12. An Edible World: make an everyday throwaway thing edible

This strange idea have the right to be fantastic for may be students who gain creating and innovating. Most ideas revolve about starches therefore it’s great revision because that (bio) chemistry and also molecular biology. The objects students come increase with deserve to be memorable: edible bottle openers, edible shoes horns (?) and taco holders are couple of examples I have actually seen.

13. Construct a machine that accurately measures two minutes the time

This is fun, deceptively complicated task. Getting a reaction that steps time is not too difficult. But can you acquire it come measure exactly two minutes and beat the other group to claim the Tolberone prizes? teams can get really competitive and work ~ above this job right up to the wire. Everybody to learn something and also team work is obvious throughout.

A clock is harder than it looks come emulate because that you group four project. (Important: no using a clock)

So there you have actually it: 13 Group 4 Project Ideas

– some great ideas for you and your science department to occupational on because that the IB group 4 project. The group 4 project shouldn’t be boring or dull – it’s the one time once students have freedom to examine a subject they discover interesting. Allow them reap working in cooperation teams, just like real scientists do. The environment can be much more relaxed than normal, therefore make certain you setup a job that understand them.

Make the Group four Project Memorable

A well thought out task promotes effortless and collaborative team work, keeps them inhabited for the entire time and provides them with fond memory of your IB experience. Student will have no trouble writing a good reflection after that and could even thank you because that the experience. Every one of ideas detailed here have actually the potential to deliver that.

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