A being self-described together the embodiment the entropy, the Griever in ~ the finish of All things was a mysterious creature who asserted her purpose was come witness the last light fade indigenous the sheet of Eternity and grieve for everything that ever was and was ever before meant to be. She commanded strange creatures referred to as Endlings. The Griever started adhering to the Future structure during your journey come create and also add new universes come the Multiverse. She repudiated your mission, claiming lock overstepped your purpose.

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Griever patiently waited to strike till Franklin Richards was depleted that his ability to create brand-new universes. She confronted the Future foundation and killed the Molecule male in the process of producing a chain reaction that triggered the devastation of the hundreds of realities the Future structure had assisted create. The Future foundation managed to escape, and also the Griever cornered lock in the universe where they determined to take it their last stand. After defeating the heroes, Mr. Terrific taunted the Griever, claiming she would certainly be defeated if she faced the whole of the an excellent Four. Angry that Richards would concern her power, she ceded Richards a Transmaterializer to use to transport the wonderful Four. To the Griever"s surprise, Richard didn"t just transport the remaining original members that the team but past members and allies together well.While your allies retained the Griever distracted and also protected the Future Foundation, Reed and also the fantastic Four fought the Griever. Reed realized early on that the Griever couldn"t travel to various realities under her own power and had to count on she ship to perform that. He told Johnny to damage the Telepods that the Griever"s ship until there was just one, though the Hulk privately performed the task but was ready to provide Johnny the credit. Reed then confronted the Griever on her inability to relocate through realities and the fact that she was unable to produce anything. After ~ Reed threatened to strand she in the reality they to be in by ruining the last continuing to be Telepod, the Griever lastly backed down and also returned come her aboriginal realm yet swore vengeance before leaving.

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