Making money in Graveyard Keeper can seem favor a tedious job when beginning to pat the game, however, it’s no that difficult if you know the ropes. This guide will assist you make money fast and also easy in Graveyard Keeper. It will certainly not cover fishing, but that can be supplied as a reliable an approach as well.

Sell pieces of rock to Cory

One that the best ways to knife some fast money early in the video game is come sell stone pieces to Cory.

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From your house, take a right and also follow the road path till you reach a large rock. Mine the rock, collect the stone to carry earlier to her yard and place it in the rock stockpile. Use the rock cutter come get around three to adjust of stone pieces (about 90 piece of stone).

Go to the town and uncover Cory. He need to be in ~ the top-left corner of the Dead equine Tavern.


Coal can be mined in ~ the right-hand next of the Quarry in ~ the ‘Forest close to The River’. The Quarry deserve to be discovered at the top-left that your residence or graveyard. Either path works although you might need sources to eliminate piles of rubble to gain access to them.

Selling Valuables come Horadric, the Innkeeper

Burial Certificates

One that the most usual methods revealed early in the game. Interment certificates are obtained from burying and also burning bodies. It’s encourage to collection them in bulk and also sell them every in one pilgrimage to the Dead steed Tavern.


You require a food stamp to sell meat to Horadric.

Go to the cellar (beneath her house) and also remove among the set of rubble blocking your route using the required resources you’ve collected. Snake have the right to be discovered at the left ~ above Ency job

(get it from the Church) and increase his friendship level come 30 by perfect his pursuits to obtain the food stamp.

Make a ‘package the meat’ in ~ your house (clean paper + meat) and also sell it come Horadric.


A vine trellis costs 5 wooden sticks to set up (cut tree to acquire it).Peat can either it is in purchased native Shepherd (Village) or derived from the compost heap you set up in her garden. Crop waste is required to acquire peat indigenous the compost heap.

Harvest the grapes and also replant the peat + grape seeds.

Build a vine press near your house and also make a pail the grape juice native it utilizing the grapes girlfriend recently acquired (15 grapes per pail). Build a alcohol making barrel in her cellar and use the pail of alcohol juice to make red wine.

The silver high quality red wine can be sold to Horadric if the gold quality red wine can be sold to Merchant. Sell a minimal amount that wine party to each every week rotation in the game due to the fact that they pay much less the bulkier the purchase. The encourage amount is 2 per day come Horadric and 6 every week come Merchant.

Finish the Merchant’s quests

One that the best ways to do a lot of money late in the video game is from the Merchant. However, you’ll have actually to complete a kind amount of his quests to begin making the paper, or should I say, coins.

Best method to take advantage of do money v the Merchant:

Get ‘Quality fertilizer II’ to do gold quality pumpkins or onions.Get a many of metal scrapes (dungeon) or iron ore/bars (quarry) for lots of nails.Collect a bunch the logs because that flitch.

Quality fertilizer II deserve to be created from the church workbench in the church’s basement.

You’ll need:

Peat x 10Flavor enhancer x2Distillation cube (unlock the blueprint from the innovations menu)Hand mixer (unlock the blueprint indigenous the innovations menu)

Flavor enhancer is made from the Alchemy Workbench (tier II) making use of ash, toxic solution and life extract.

Ash is obtained from burning body at the bottom of the graveyard (a little to the best side). Toxic solution is made v the Hand Mixer using orange jelly (deep in the dungeon) or red mushrooms (near the witch hut). Life extract is make from the Distillation Cube using any kind of of the following: a heart, maggot or yellow flower. Both the Hand Mixer and also Distillation Cube have the right to be develop in the church’s basement.

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Once you have actually obtained all of the ingredients, do the ‘quality fertilizer II’ in ~ the tier II alchemy workbench and use it together fertilizer for her silver pumpkin/onion seeds.

Sell jewel to Ms. Charm

Ms. Charm payment 1 yellow coin for every piece of jewel you sell to her. The value can decrease if you shot to sell her multiple jewel in a day, thus it’s recommended to market her 1-2 per week rotation in the game.

How to make jewelry in Graveyard Keeper

You’ll need:

Jewelry tableGold jewelry details (obtained from yellow ingot or Merchant)Faceted diamond (obtained indigenous deep in the dungeon or Merchant)Faith x 2 (get at church)

Unlock the jewelry table native the technologies food selection (‘Precious small Things’ blueprint). Gold jewelry details deserve to be made at the jewelry table v gold ingot, steel parts and faith. Yellow ore have the right to be discovered in the dungeon and can be offered to make gold ingot. You’ll need the heater III.