I watch both forms, yet I"ve viewed in among the answers right here that you usage "good in mathematics class" and "not great in math", i m sorry is most likely not fairly true, or is it? which is it?

I was no gonna ask the question, however after seeing the answer i got much more confused.

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Here"s the link:

What is the difference amongst 'good at' and also ' in, with,for'?


The object of at is actors as an activity.

The thing of in is actors as a technique or subject, an area of knowledge.

We have the right to conceptualize math together a subject, or together an task involving miscellaneous kind of calculation.


If you room talking around someone"s capability in some scholastic or scholastic subject, e.g. Maths, English, Science, etc., climate you can use one of two people "good at" or "good in". Ns personally prefer to use "good at", yet I would certainly not think of correcting who who offered "good in" instead.

If you room talking around someone"s routine behaviour in a details class, climate you deserve to use "good in", e.g. "He is usually good in Maths class, yet he misbehaves in English." In this case "English" is just an abbreviated type of "English class".

It is quite complicated to provide precise rules about which preposition you must use after ~ "good", as there are likely to be exceptions to any type of rule girlfriend formulate. Indigenous English speakers usually use the right mix because they have grown up v the language.


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