I see both creates, but I"ve watched in among the answers here that you usage "great in math class" and "not good in math", which is more than likely not fairly true, or is it? Which is it?

I was not gonna ask the question, however after seeing the answer I got even more perplexed.

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Here"s the link:

What is the distinction among 'great at' and also ' in, via,for'?


The object of at is actors as an activity.

The object of in is actors as a technique or topic, a space of understanding.

We can conceptualize math as a topic, or as an task including miscderekwadsworth.comaneous type of calculation.


If you are talking about someone"s ability in some scholastic or scholastic subject, e.g. Maths, English, Science, etc., then you can use either "excderekwadsworth.coment at" or "good in". I personally prefer to usage "good at", yet I would certainly not think of correcting someone who provided "excderekwadsworth.coment in" rather.

If you are talking about someone"s program behaviour in a specific course, then you deserve to usage "great in", e.g. "He is usually great in Maths course, however he misbehaves in English." In this case "English" is just an abbreviated create of "English class".

It is fairly hard to carry out exact rules about which preposition you need to use after "good", as tright here are most likely to be exceptions to any type of preeminence you formulate. Native English speakers normally usage the ideal combination because they have actually grown up via the language.


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