Once ~ above a time, there was a bear family living in a forest. One morning mama bear prepared porridge because that breakfast. Together it was warm papa bear chose to take it mama bear and baby bear because that a to walk in the forest. Near the forest, there live a beautiful girl named Goldilocks. Together she had beautiful gold hair she was referred to as so.

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One morning she was walking in the forest and lost her way. She observed a cottage and also knocked ~ above the door. Yet nobody to be there, therefore she go inside.
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears -Easy quick Stories for Kids

The head belonged come three-bears. Goldilocks was very hungry. She witnessed three-bowls the porridge top top the dining table.

First, she do the efforts a spoonful native papa bears big bowl and also said: "This is also hot". Next, she tried native Mama bears medium bowl, and said: "This porridge is also too cold". Finally, she do the efforts from infant bears a tiny bowl, and said: "This porridge is simply right". And also she ate the totality bowl.

After eating, she witnessed three-chairs in that room. She satellite on papa and also mama bear chair, the was also big. She satellite on infant bears chair and said the it was simply right come sit.
Goldilocks and also the 3 Bears- short Stories for kids with Pictures

Goldilocks felt an extremely tired, for this reason she went upstairs come the bedroom. She observed three-beds in the bedroom. She lie on the an initial bed and also felt that the bed was too hard. The 2nd bed was as well soft. However the 3rd bed felt simply right and slept in it.
"What"s this? Someone has actually been having actually my porridge" said the papa bear. "Someone has actually been my porridge too", claimed the mama bear. "Someone has actually finished all my porridge: cried baby bear.

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Papa and also mama bear claimed that someone to be sitting in your chair too. "Someone has damaged my chair" cry the infant bear.
They rushed to the bedroom. Both papa and also mama bear said that there was someone who slept in your bed too. "Oh! Mama papa who is sleeping in mine bed" said the baby bear.