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100% polyester crushed velvet & metallic faux leatherSleeveless pullover sheath dress has velvet bodice & former drape, faux leather skirtFaux animal leather wings room sewn to dress at center back; arm cuffs close w/ Hook and Loop fastenerFoam-backed faux animal leather collar fastens w/ Hook and also Loop fastenerWings & collar have printed jewel & feathersGold-tone metal chain headpiece

Isis, the great goddess of Egypt, bringing her blessings and also wisdom to every peoples, indigenous the well-off to the downtrodden. Isis was married come her brother Osiris (yes, a little weird, however that"s just how the old gods and also goddesses did things), and also after he to be murdered through Set, she wept, bring about the Nile flow to flood every year. Fortunately, she was able to lug Osiris ago to life, because she"s a freaking goddess and can basically perform anything she wants. Isis is the good protector versus evil, and also will most certainly drop the hammer once needed. She could crush the Egyptian pyramids in a solitary blow. Finest not to cross a woman of such power.

Sound familiar? the course, it does, because you"re a woman of incredible power too! Sure, you might not have actually power over death, or the capability to fight other gods, and also you"re not married to your brother, but you are very powerful! and just look in ~ those wings! You spread out those wings and also people will most definitely know you typical business. But not just any kind of business, since even once showing turn off your strength you"re quiet looking great, and also those vibrant wings space no exception.

Isis might too be the goddess of gift exotic provided how amazing she looks. Deserve to you imagine arriving to a an elaborate gala in this outfit? Jaws would drop. Human being would start drooling in awe, so lucky to it is in in your presence. This isn"t an outfit because that the meek v a deep red dress and colorful Egyptiancollar. This outfit is for powerful women, ready to take charge. Spread those wings, girl. You"ve acquired some pyramids to crush.

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