CHARLES MERBS likes nothing far better than a pile of old bones. And also if the human being they belonged come was getting on a bit, so lot the better. Merbs is one anthropologist and pathologist that specialises in reconstructing people’s occupations and also lifestyles from their skeletons – and the older lock were as soon as they died the an ext pointers their bones will certainly provide. So as soon as Merbs was referred to as in to study the skeletons of the “Moche Giants” in 2002 he didn’t mean to find out much. These 5 unusually tall guys were the centrepiece of among the most exciting archaeological finds of recent years, yet none of lock was an ext than 22 year old. Too young, assumed Merbs, to carry the signatures of lengthy years the labour. He was in for a surprise.

A year earlier, Californian excavators had announced a startle discovery. They had just finished excavating a collection of tombs developed into the good mud-brick pyramid at Dos Cabezas, an old Moche settlement on Peru’s northern shore where the Jequetepeque river reaches the Pacific. Every tomb contained the skeleton the a gigantic – and, in one case, 2 giants. There were likewise many fabulous tomb goods: gilded headdresses and also masks, exquisite pottery, fearsome tools and, in three cases, a replica tomb in miniature finish with a copper figure.

No one had seen anything favor this before. Yet then no one had actually seen skeletons favor these either. “The average height of Moche people was around 148 centimetres. These males averaged 175 cm through two of them topping 180 cm,” claims Alana Cordy-Collins, an anthropologist at the college of san Diego who helped to dig deep into …

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