It’s ultimately here — main 10 and the bittersweet end to season seven of Fortnite battle Royale. This was very eventful and also wintery season. While we don’t right now know what the next season will bring, us do know that Epic gamings is making sure this season walk out v a bang, arriving with part extra good challenges.

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The Fortnite main 10 challenges this week space all precious completing, particularly the ones because that those who have actually the battle Pass. However there is one specific challenge, a returning fan favorite, the is by far the many exciting and also interesting that the bunch.

Fortnite week 10 challenges explained


As usual, there room seven difficulties for football player to handle this week. Three difficulties are easily accessible for cost-free players and also four challenges for those who very own the season seven battle Pass. If you want to understand what difficulties are continue this week, every you should do is inspect out our screenshot above.

While there room a ton of an excellent challenges, nearly all of the really great ones room exclusive come the battle Pass, unfortunately. So, if you’re analysis this and, for part reason, don’t have the battle Pass this season, we don’t in reality recommend you obtain it. That’s because a brand new season will certainly be beginning either next week or the mainly after so friend might as well wait come buy it.

As for those of united state who are battle Pass owners, the many difficult challenge this mainly is the Fortnite shooting gallery challenge. This will likely be familiar to veteran battle Royale players from several periods ago. Let’s take a look in ~ the locations you need to visit in stimulate to finish it.

Fortnite week 10 shoot gallery an obstacle explained


For those that did the shoot gallery difficulty previously, thankfully, this week’s rotate on it isn’t an accurate copycat. Instead, it’s much more like a ‘greatest hits’ version. That’s due to the fact that you don’t have actually one collection to visit however three.

While this renders the challenge a little much more interesting, it also makes that more challenging as that takes longer to complete. That’s where we come in. Unequal the ice Storm challenges we covered, we recommend you perform this in whatever big team mode is at this time available. At the moment of writing this, that mode is Team Rumble.

It’s a mode that we recommend you perform the latest obstacles in nearly every week because it provides you a good amount the time to explore the map before the circle closes completely.

You additionally have fewer enemies to issue about, more teammates watching your back, and, of course, respawns. Unfortunately, over there is one caveat precious mentioning. It will, unfortunately, take you, at the ceiling minimum, three matches to complete this challenge. This is because Epic Games determined to break up the an obstacle into three stages and you only unlock each stage after completing the ahead one and also leaving that match.

Fortnite week 10 shooting gallery locations: Wailing Woods


For the first match, head to Wailing Woods due to the fact that this is the place of the very first shooting gallery. The just vague summary that we have from the challenges list is that it is situated somewhere come the east of Wailing Woods. Before doing that, though, we suggest stopping in ~ the cabin or the maze in Wailing Woods come grab part gear.

This is a shooting gallery after all so us recommend at least one shotgun, assault rifle, and SMG (the best weapon for acquisition out targets). Friend will should hurry to this location because it’s right on the sheet of a cliff so the circle will certainly close in much sooner here than the other parts that the battle Royale map.

After grabbing part weapons, head directly east that Wailing Woods come a large tree. Here, you will find the first week 10 shoot gallery location in the J3 square the the map, facing away native the ocean.

When you space ready, step onto the platform and the targets will certainly pop up. Typically, two targets present up in ~ a time. Because that this one, the targets will certainly be in the center, on her left, and also on your right. Quickly uncover the two easily accessible targets and also shoot them under to lug up the next two prior to the timer runs out.

You will need to obtain those two and at a fifth target to finish the first part that the challenge. Don’t concern at all if friend fail since you have the right to retry the as many times together you require to. Well, as numerous times as the storm will allow you to prior to killing you off the is. As we mentioned before, thankfully, there space respawns in Team Rumble so that shouldn’t be a vast problem for you.

Fortnite week 10 shooting collection locations: sleeve Row


After completing the first set that targets, friend will need to leave or complete the match. Only then will certainly the game give you the next objective. The 2nd task is come visit a shoot gallery located north of sleeve Row.

Remember, friend don’t desire to immediately land in ~ the shooting collection in your following match because you need to have actually a weapon to finish it with. We recommend that you head to retail Row very first and grab every little thing loot you deserve to get. This shooting collection is a tiny easier than the critical one, and even less difficult to uncover so you deserve to grab any type of weapon you can find.

When you space ready, head phibìc of sleeve Row. The precise location is in the middle of a little but thick forest simply north of the town. It deserve to be difficult to see it native the air as the thick trees hide it.

The 2nd shooting gallery is situated in H5 square ~ above the map. It’s in the special trees just south of the road and north of the hills. This targets room much less complicated to acquire so you have the right to use whichever weapon girlfriend prefer. Just like before, we need a score of 5 or much more to continue.

Fortnite week 10 shooting collection locations: paradise Palms


With that finished, you deserve to either leave the complement or see it v to the end. Girlfriend are now ready because that the 3rd and final component of this main 10 shooting collection challenge. This is lot harder and also more complicated than any kind of shooting collection we’ve done before now.

Before friend head to the shooting gallery, make certain to equipment up because that the action. You have the right to do so at Paradise Palms or its nearby buildings. We extremely recommend that you grab an SMG, sniper rifle, and a scoped assault rifle because that this, if possible. This is a really specific type of gallery that makes using various other weapons favor a shotgun practically impossible.

When you space ready, head eastern of paradise Palms come the cliffside. The critical week 10 shooting gallery an obstacle location is in the J8 square ~ above the Fortnite battle Royale map, appropriate on the sheet by the ocean. There, friend will find the circular communication to activate the targets and also you might also an alert that lock are way off in the distance on another cliffside.

The street is what renders this shooting gallery so difficult. You deserve to use a sniper rifle however you will must have fast aim. Or, girlfriend can conversely use one SMG therefore you deserve to spray and also pray. This deserve to work however will probably take several tries. The scoped assault rifle, however, is a pretty balance between the two with selection and speed.

Fortnite week 10 shooting collection reward


Your reward because that this season seven, mainly 10 Fortnite challenge is actually damaged up into the three various stages. Girlfriend will acquire one battle star because that completing the very first gallery, two for completing the second, and secondary two an ext for completing the third, totaling at five fight stars.

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Still grinding away challenges before the end of season 7? inspect out our previous week’s an obstacle guide and save leveling up those tiers.