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Ok for this reason I have a tiny problem, might be a large one no overly certain yet.Someone broke the door of my gas tank and dumped dishsoap right into my gas tank. I understand who the is but right now can"t perform anything about it. As result of the truth it"s a never finishing circle in i beg your pardon would only make points worse ideal now. The knows whereby I live, and I favor my stuff.So ns drove to work-related today and also after gift at work-related for 2 hours discovered my gas door damaged with no gas lid on, and soap all around the filler. I drained the tank changed the gas filter placed fresh gas in and also it never lasted much more then 5 mins before it died. Never ever found any gel or soap in or roughly the drained gas. Nothing in the fuel filter either.What have some of you guys done im sure it"s occurred to at the very least a few or us through soap, sugar or WHY.Rob
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This goes beyond being a prank in mine books. But how you deal with the purp is as much as you. I have never had it happen to me. However, ns think girlfriend will should drop her tank and also get it cleaned. Also, girlfriend will must flush gas v your fuel lines to obtain out any kind of residue.
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check this out. Can help.

This goes beyond being a prank in mine books. However how you address the purp is as much as you. I have actually never had it happen to me. However, i think friend will must drop her tank and get it cleaned. Also, friend will must flush gas through your fuel lines to acquire out any type of residue.

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This is what i"m figuring, going into work now to fall the tank and whatever else i neeed to do. This was not a prank this is a guy who is upset due to the fact that I speak to a girl in ~ the gas station.